Jamie: Director of HIM Operations

Jamie: Director of HIM Operations

Read the scenario below and create a manager/leader improvement plan. Use the template attached (????????) to complete this manager or leader plan. Scenario

Jamie was recently hired as the director of HIM operations within a 500-bed teaching facility. Jamie is a recent graduate of an online HIM bachelor’s program and she successfully obtained her registered health information (RHIT) certification within the last month. The director of HIM operations is responsible for the following functions within the HIM department as well as managing the 25 employees that perform these functions:

Release of information (ROI)
Management of outsourced transcription
Patient education for the use and access to patient portals
The management Issues present within the operations workgroup that Jamie will be managing are:

High employee turnover rate
Lack of standardized training programs for new employees
Distrust of previous management by employees
Turnaround times for ROI requests exceed the required benchmarks
Job descriptions for the employees are outdated
Customer service are not optimal as evidenced by the number of complaints received by the senior director of HIM


Give Jamie two examples to utilize in her improvement plan as she works with her group. The examples should address the issues in department (listed above under Issues) in the functions that she overseas. The improvement goals should include support from a variety of management and leadership theories outlined within the chapter. The goals should also include realistic time frames for completion.

See the example below for a reference:

Manager: Jenny Joe

Operations Area Improvements Goals Management / Leadership Theory Date of Completion
Release of Information Develop customer service for all ROI employees to include phone calls, emails and face-to-face interactions. Values-based leadership: treat others based on the values of the organization. Assignment requirement:
1. Prompts from the instructions are used as bold subtitles above each paragraph
2. All parts of the instructions are addressed in a substantive manner
3. Length: minimum 2 pages, not including title page and references
4. Separate title page with name, class, and assignment name and number
5. Separate page at the end for references
6. Introduction paragraph (3+ sentences) with bold subheading
7. Conclusion paragraph (3+ sentences) with bold subheading
8. Font size 12
9. Margins set at 1” on each side
10. Font type is either Arial, Cambria, Times New Roman, or Calibri
11. Double-spaced except references
12. File naming format: last name_first name_assignment_3
13. Minimum of 3 (research online to find articles on the topic to use as references in addition to text)
14, APA format
15. References are single spaced with one space between them

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