Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

Introduction to the Hospitality Industry


The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to demonstrate an understanding of the key factors associated with the hospitality industry. These include ownership, responsibilities of the major departments and current trends and forces that shape international hotels and resorts. Modern hospitality managers must demonstrate an ability to find, critically analyse and make business sense of data from multiple sources and assimilate that data in a timely fashion into business, leadership and management appropriate, actionable information.Instructions:

You are required to write a comprehensive research report. There are several points to cover in this report, therefore each numbered point should be addressed in approximately 200 words.

Each student will be provided with a hotel by the lecturer Your report must include the following: 

  • Hotel roles
    1. List the responsibilities and duties of the Executive Committee
  • Hotel markets and customers
    1. Identify and analyse the hotel’s’ primary market segment
      1. Ask questions such as:
        1. Who are the people who stay at this hotel?
        2. Where do they come from? How did they get there?
        3. How is COVID-19 impacting the current hotel industry and world travel patterns?
  • Hotel specifics
    1. Identify and analyse the hotel’s location
    2. Ensure you comment on and analyse the location. Ask yourself questions such as; Why did they put a hotel here? What was the business decision that lead to choosing that particular location?
    3. Source and analyse a referenced site plan or layout of the hotel (make sure you reference these pictures)
    4. As above, make sure you analyse or comment upon the layout or site plan. Why do you think it was designed that way?
    5. Describe and analyse all the accommodation styles offered (make sure you reference)
    6. Ensure you analyse by asking questions such as:
      1. Why have they created these types of rooms?
      2. What makes the different rooms different?
      3. What business decisions were made to arrive at this particular number of room, with that particular fit out, at the prices they are offered?
    7. Describe and analyse the food and beverage outlets and styles offered (make sure you reference)
    8. Conduct the same analysis as Q5 above.
    9. Describe and analyse the management structure (hierarchy) of the hotel
      1. Provide a hotel structure diagram.
      2. Examine and analyse the structure of the hotel.
        1. Is it what you expect?
        2. How is it different from the standard hotel structure?
      3. Describe and analyse the ownership arrangements of this property;
      4. Ask questions such as:
        1. Is this a hotel franchise?
        2. Is this hotel operated under a management contract Are there any other management arrangements in place?
        3. If any of the above are in place, why?
  • Community and corporate social responsibility
    1. Report the hotel or resort’s policy in regards to:
      1. corporate social responsibility and ethical business practices
  • sustainability and green practices iv. labour malpractice
  1. e.g. wages theft (enforced unpaid overtime), modern slavery, slavery in supply lines etc.
  1. Provide some recommendations to address some of the issues raised in question 9 above Report Structure:
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