Internship Evaluation Topics Analysis

Internship Evaluation Topics Analysis

1. Topics Provided:
● Ensure you have the list of topics provided for the analysis. I will add additional topics to be added on Tuesday to incorporate in your analysis as well.

2. Research Tools:
● Utilize the research tools discussed in class. Google Scholar, academic databases, and reputable sources are essential for gathering reliable information.

3. Formatting:
● Your analysis should be one page in length, with a standard font (such as Times New Roman or Arial) and a font size of 12.
● Include a title at the top of the page that clearly reflects the main focus of your analysis.

4. Introduction:
● Start with a concise introduction that outlines the purpose of your analysis and provides a brief overview of the topics you will be covering.

5. Topic Coverage:
● Address each topic provided, including any additional topics introduced on Tuesday.
● Ensure that your analysis is thorough and well-researched. Provide relevant data, statistics, and examples to support your points.

6. Google and Research Tools:
● Emphasize the importance of utilizing Google and the research tools discussed in class.
● Encourage interns to cross-reference information from multiple sources to ensure accuracy and reliability.

7. Conclusion:
● Conclude your analysis by summarizing the key findings and insights from the topics covered.Order Now from Course ResearchersInternship Evaluation Topics for One-Page Analysis:

1. Reflect on your initial expectations of the internship compared to your experiences during the first two weeks. (1 Page)

2. Understanding Workforce Development Programs: Provide a detailed analysis of the programs you learned about during weeks 3-4, and discuss how they contribute to the community. (1 Page)

3. Community Outreach and Engagement Experience: Share your observations and experiences from the SoBros community outreach events (Google for more details) (1 Page)

4. Event Organization and Promotion: Describe your role at SoBro, outlining specific tasks and lessons learned. (1 Page)

5. Shadowing Senior Staff: Reflect on your time shadowing a staff member. (1 Page)

6. Presentation Preparation: Discuss your experience preparing a presentation on the project, including the skills developed and feedback received.((1 Page)

7. Overall Internship Impact and Future Goals: Reflect on the overall impact of the internship on your personal and professional growth, and outline any future goals influenced by the experience. (1 Page)

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