International Students In Australia Language Hurdle

International Students In Australia Language Hurdle

Many students especially from Asia and Africa studying in Australia finds it difficult to speak English fluently. This hampers them from taking proactive roles in classroom or getting totally involved in the group discussion (Sawir, 2015, p. 567). The major challenge of adapting to the Australian English language comes in whereby international students have to adjust to the Australian accent and the methods of delivering speech using in tutorial and lectures (Mark, 2015). The adaption to this Australian English accent marks the biggest obstacle that the international students come across. The major cause of this problem can be attributable to the fact that most international students are learning the language that is not their first language: PLAGIARIZED SAMPLE-ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Apart from most of the international students using English language as their second language, they also find it hard to comprehend lecturing speeches especially when they are delivered the Australian natives. Most of the times international students argue that natives speaks fast and uses abbreviations and idioms which they cannot understand. This is another factor that contributes to the language difficulties among the international students studying in Australia. Thirdly, lack of self-confidence has proved to be another major problem facing the international students. Jackson & Bybell (2013, p. 17) noted that majority of the international students lack self-belief which is the major factor of learning a new language. With self-confidence, international students will be able to interact with natives socially and engage in constant communication that will boosts their proficiency in English language. Self-confidence in speaking new language is applicable where someone is not ashamed when he or she make mistakes (Koshy & Phillimore, 2013, p. 99): PLAGIARIZED SAMPLE-ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


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