International Indigenous Destination Presentation

International Indigenous Destination Presentation

Assignment B: International Indigenous Destination Presentation

 The purpose of this assignment is to make you more aware of how Destinations around the world are using Indigenous tourism as a way of making a destination more appealing to visitors that are seeking an authentic tourism experience. If well thought out and planned, Indigenous tourism can help to support a sustainable tourism destination, which in turn allows a destination to connect with ease to the global tourism system.blankFormat:

 This is designed to be a recorded Powerpoint presentation with Audio

As part of your presentation, it is expected that each of you will:

  1. present some facts about the Indigenous people that live in the
  2. Conduct a short analysis of why this is important for the implications for the future of the destination– good or
  3. In other words:
    1. How can the community, visitor, and tourism industry benefit from this type of tourism?

Is there a strategic opportunity for Indigenous tourism that can (or has) been developed from your research?

The class does not just want to listen to a problem or a new idea.

I want YOU to think of some opportunities for the destination because of                                  your research!

 Assignment 2: Powerpoint Presentation

In team a of two, you are asked to



Group/ individual Grading indicator Min Score  


Length/ duration  


Powerpoint Presentation (with audio) Teams of 2 Graded N/A 20% 800

Words (each person)

Note Schedule on Course outline


Your own part in the presentation will be supported as a written script (in-text referenced) that refers to an equal number of slides that each presenter addresses.

Minimum slides: 10 (5 each) plus a reference list which includes a minimum of four

  • academic references. Note the use of minimum in my wording. Minimum refers to the lowest amount of references that will allow you to achieve minimum coverage of information requested. In other words, it is highly likely that minimum coverage will not yield maximum

Please note that supporting data (Statistics Canada, UNWT0) and media articles do not count as academic articles but are highly suggested as supportive and relevant topic evidence.

Each person should create whatever speaking notes they need. Each team member is expected to speak and present their individual research on the Powerpoint as part of a collaborative effort.

The entire presentation should take 15 minutes

  • You are expected to present on-line. This means you will have to submit your unrecorded Powerpoint in advance of the class so that I may upload it in time

For your team Presentation. I will record the presentation as part of the regular class.

  • Before you start work on this project, please ensure that you understand the marking rubric and the expectations from your instructor. Please ask for support and guidance if you are not


  • This assignment is valued at 20% of your final
  • Each team member will be assessed individually, using the marking rubric provided.
  • The team will be assessed a group grade for the Powerpoint
  • It is expected that you will all follow the School of business academic guidelines
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