International Demographic Trends Marketing

International Demographic Trends Marketing

Demographic trends are founded in the aspect of the demography. Demography entails understanding the human population concerning occupation, race, gender, locations and size. Demography aspect is the core factor for the marketers because it involves understanding people and are the people who makes up the market. Given the demographic trends of overpopulated and crowded global arena, the international marketing is always is posed by both opportunities and challenges. Global demographic environment changes have great implications for the business. Therefore, the marketers should always keep monitoring the demographic trends as well the developmental changes in their market: A Preview: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

How Worldwide Demographic Trends Affect International Marketing Opportunities

The findings indicate that diversity, educational, geographic populations shift and family shifts are greatly affecting marketing opportunities in the global arena (Guerin, et al., 2015, p. 16). Besides, the international marketers are faced with the challenge posed by the ever changing family structures as well as the more white-collar oriented population (Dalen & Henkens, 2009, p. 235). Again, the changes of the age structure within the population is also availing major challenges to the international marketers. This is because of the high birth rate and longer life span among the worldwide population.

The aging population will create the variety of implications to the marketers who serves them (Leuprecht, 2010, p. 32).  Alternatively, the rapid aging population is creating a population that comprises majorly of the senior citizens as opposed to the children. For example, the findings indicate that by 2040 there will be more senior citizens than young people and by 2050 the number of the older citizens will be twice that of the children (Badkar, 2014).  This argument by Badkar portrays how the marketers will face significant number of challenges while trying to shift from children products to senior citizen products. It also clear that old people are not frequent consumers of their products due to their limited income. Therefore, it will be difficult for the marketers to provide them with their products and in return realize the consistent and relatively good amount of revenue: End of Preview: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


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