International Accounting: Carrefour Report

International Accounting: Carrefour Report

1. Look at Carrefour’s December 31, 2018 financial statements. What basis of accounting are they using? Provide three proofs from the financials and notes to support your answer.

Calculate the company’s current ratio 2. What is meant by Harmonization and convergence of accounting standards. What are the arguments for and against the United States adopting convergence? Who sets International Accounting Standards and U.S. Accounting standards?

3. China Agritech, a Chinese Firm listed in the US had Ernst and Young Hua Ming as the company’s auditor and was eventually delisted and exposed as a fraud. What issue did US regulators have in trying to get ahead of the curve on the company’s fraudulent activity and why?

4. There is a global push to have one set of accounting standards for all the world’s countries. Many however do not yet require it or only permit it, and in some countries IFRS is not permitted. What is the status of adoption of IFRS in the following countries for their domestic listed companies:

a) Azerbaijan      b) LAOS            5. Use Disney’s September 28 2019 Financial Statement

Calculate the Return on Investment (use operating income(loss) in your calculations) for both the following segments: Parks, Experiences and Product segment and for the Studio Entertainment segment. As a Board member present an analysis of the performance of the segment How would you advise the lower performing segment to raise their ROI

What is the rule in order for a segment to qualify as a reportable segment?

What differences are there in reporting segment information between GAAP and IFRS?

Comment on the Firm’s corporate governance as it relates to the CEO and Board Chairman position

6. Telia Company AB , a Swedish telecommunications company and its Uzbek subsidiary paid $274 million to the US for violating the FCPA.

What is the FCPA and its provisions?. How is it that a Swedish company fell into the crosshairs of our Justice System?

What factors were responsible in the determination of the final settlement amount/

What is meant by a facilitation payment and is it allowed/

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