Interdisciplinary and Crosscultural Approaches

Interdisciplinary and Crosscultural Approaches

  • Two theories are Subjective well-being (SWB) and objective wellbeing (specifically, Nussbaum’s capability theory of wellbeing)

Please do the assignment according to question about     write 1000 wordsThe following things should be including when writing about two above theories of well being

  • Comparing and contrasting definitions and practices: What are similarities and differences between the theories of wellbeing? That is, in what ways do these theories conceptualize wellbeing using similar ideas and suggesting similar practices, and where do they contradict/challenge each other.
  • Research evidence:
    • Is there research evidence on these theories or aspects of these theories?
    • What does the research evidence tell us about which of these practices are associated with increasing wellbeing?
  • Bringing the theories together:
    • Which ideas and practices from both theories are important for improving wellbeing?
    • What insights does bring the theories together create for you in understanding wellbeing more holistically?

While doing this assignment please keep in mind that following thing s should be in included.

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