Integrated Project Delivery Approaches

Integrated Project Delivery Approaches

Task Description:

Each of the assessment activities for this unit is a portfolio of assessment tasks and deliverables. These will include a variety of ways of expanding demonstrating your learning within this unit. They will offer you a degree of flexibility and where feasible, an opportunity to draw on your real world experience.Portfolio 2 builds on the foundation knowledge and draws on critical thinking to integrate ideas and practice.

This Assessment Guide lists activities that you can incorporate into your portfolio.

You need to complete 500 points of activity.

Your Portfolio is to include:

  • Table of Contents
  • A paragraph (200 to 250 words) that explains how your portfolio items link or relate to each other to form a theme.
  • Your portfolio items
  • References


All written items and a coversheet are to be combined into a single PDF (not locked) and submitted to Turnitin.

NOTE: Harvard is the preferred referencing style. Other styles will be accepted however it must be a recognised academic style and consistently applied.

Item Description Word


Point Value
Job Description Develop a full job description for a project manager that is knowledgeable and experienced to lead a globally diverse team utilising the best project delivery design to meet the characteristics of each new project (ie able to apply predictive through to fully adaptive.) 1000 150
Multinational review of PM roles Review project related job advertisements on a major job sites in at least 5 different regions of the world. Write a analytical report on any observations or patterns that you note. You may like to include graphs etc. Please be systematic in your approach. 500 150
Guest Lecture preparation Prepare and deliver a 10 minute guest lecture presentation (PowerPoint slides + speaker notes).  Your topic must demonstrate academic investigation and critical analysis. Speaker and slide notes must include academic references. N/A 200
Investigative Interview (written) Interview at least 5 project practitioners on a relevant integrated project delivery topic and write an article suitable for the AIPM or PMI newsletters discussing what you have learned. (You may like to use a small survey to assist you.) 750 max 150
Academic literature review Literature review on a negotiated topic relevant to the unit 2500 400

Delivery Plan Create a project delivery plan (not just a schedule) that demonstrates integrated approaches. N/A 120
Discussion Forum Contribute readily to the discussion forums. Generate appropriate conversation. N/A 100
Negotiate your own idea with the lecturer     100 or 150
An output from BLOCK 1 Note if you have selected to write up an activity from the BLOCK 1 session. Your lecturer will note the Point value of any suitable activity.    


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