Integrated Mental Health and Wellness Settings

Integrated Mental Health and Wellness Settings

Emotional, social and psychological well-being defines one‚Äôs mental health. When the aforementioned aspects are affected the mental health will be affected too. Mental health affects how one feels, thinks or acts. How one handles stress or makes choices in life is determined by one’s psychological health. In every stage of life, from childhood to adulthood, mental health plays a very critical role¬†(Nguyen, Davis, Counts, & Fritze, 2016). Everybody is entitled to mental health care services regardless of where he or she lives. This is because everyone’s primary health care is essential. Emotional, social and psychological are key elements making mental and they must be integrated together for the maintenance of the mental.

Functionality of various roles in community health organizations

Mental health care in primary health settings is provided for diagnosing and treatment of patients suffering from mental disorders. It also involves strategizing on ways to put in place to prevent future mental problems. Behavioral and psychological skills such as counselling and interview have to be employed by the healthcare service workers when taking their day to day activities. This works towards improving overall health outcomes. Integrating mental health services involves in cooperating secondary and tertiary mental health services into the primary mental health services (Ivbijaro, 2011).
Community health organization help in educating public health professionals. The organization work towards preparing new public health professionals through training them. Currently, many of the public health workers do not have formal training. It is the work of the community health organizations to train such workers (Academics, 2018). All the societies must have health environments. It is the work of the community health organizations to ensure that. They achieve this through the population-based promotion of health of health services which can help to solve health menaces such as diseases and illnesses. Community health organisation is entitled to ensuring there is protection for everyone in their areas of operations. The organizations build a partnership which helps them in the provision of adequate health services (Association, 2018). This is done through the collection of data to assist in controlling disease occurrences.

How the hierarchy within the roles ensures ethical compliance

Community health workers are members of the society of having been trusted apply to apply their unique understanding of language and experience to be able to carry out various community roles that they have been entrusted within the community (Mejia-Rodriguez & Spink, 2015). Before they start their work, community health workers are couched on ethical volunteerism when serving the community. They have logistical, eye health and administrative duties. Home visitations, proper education of patients and arrangement of screening sites are some of the roles of the community health workers. During training, each of the workers is taught on how to arrange screening sites for the outreach team early in advance (Balcazar, et al., 2011). This helps to save time hence maximizing the number of individuals who will be treated when the outreach team comes. Patients have different issues. Each patient’s records of whether or not he or she was visited by the outreach team. This helps to make sure that at least everyone has been provided with a chance to see the nurses

 Describe three best practices and relate them to the various roles

Mental health is a paramount requirement for every individual across all dimensions. One of the practices involved in mental health setting is licensing of clinical practitioners who offer psychiatric health care to patients. Evaluation and treatment of individuals with mental disorders should be conducted by licensed individuals. This helps to make sure that everyone is treated based on their problem. Secondly, there should be procedure on how individuals with mental health problems are identified. There should be given methods which highlight how one should go about a patient who has a mental illness. Lastly, a pre-participation psychological health screening should be conducted. This helps the practitioner to gather any basic knowledge that can help them treat their patients.

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