Individual Assignment: Routine Communication

Individual Assignment: Routine Communication

Communication styles in business are changing with advancing technology; however, business letters and emails are one of the largest forms of communication for any company. Knowing how to write a business email is a valuable tool that helps companies save time, adds credibility, and reflects positively on a company’s image.  Assignment Instructions:

Step 1: Read the provided background information provided regarding a business situation.

Step 2: Formal business emails follow a standard format and design and includes an introduction, body and conclusion.   Follow the email template from your textbook on page 455: Figure C.2 -Formal email message format. The email is no more than one (1) page in length (not including cover page) and includes APA citation for referenced material. Review the marking rubric for compliance.

Step 3: Use the three-step writing process to develop and re-write this email in Microsoft Word. You are welcome to be as creative as you want in the content of the letter. Assess the email for effective business communication:

  • Format: a subject line, salutation, introduction (main idea), body (necessary details and explanations), conclusion (action required and/or courteous close), and signature block.
  • Purpose: one main idea that is defined.
  • Audience: Reader benefits are included and written in the “you attitude” (provides both features and benefits).
  • Information: o Clarity – it is understandable, in logical order, and accurate.
    • Complete – all the information is there and the instructor won’t have ask any questions.
    • Concise – is there too much information or redundant words? Or the sentences too long and maybe should be split up?
  • Style and tone: Positive (not negative), professional, conversational.
  • Design: o Easy readability (may include sub-headings or lists to simplify information and easily navigate the content).
    • Fonts and sizes are consistent throughout the document.
  • Language: No grammatical, spelling or sentence structure (mechanics) errors (use Grammarly).

Step 4: Edit your email, save it with your name in the following format LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_ASSIGNMENT1, and upload it to the appropriate folder in the D2L dropbox.

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