Individual Assignment: Negative Letter

Communicating bad news and responding to bad news is required to maintain the audience’s goodwill. With competition rising in all business sectors, communicating bad news effectively is paramount and can create opportunities to promote goodwill and strengthen relationships. Successful negative messaging requires thoughtful planning, organization, and careful wording.Assignment Instructions:
Step 1: Read the provided background information regarding a business situation. CBC News (July 20, 2019). E-scooter riders flout rules as Calgary pilot program catches on. Retrieved from

It might be really temping to double up, or let your kids try out one of the electric scooters that are all over Calgary, but just — don’t. Lime rolled out its e-scooters in Calgary two weeks ago, and now Bird Canada’s fleet has hit the streets. And it seems riders are taking liberty with the rules.

Calgarians are scooting two-to-a-machine, and lots of kids have been taking them for a spin. It looks like a lot of fun, but both are against the rules. City regulations say riders must be 18 years old, and both companies allow only one rider at a time.

Nathan Carswell, a transportation engineer with the city, says the plan is to try education before fines. But rules are rules. “If we find kids are using these and we’re seeing this throughout, we could look at providing more education out there as well as working with the companies to ticket,” he said.
“I don’t want to use the word punishment, but enforce that 18 and over — as part of a customer sign-up, they agree to all the terms and conditions.”

The province classifies e-scooters as prohibited miniature vehicles that can be used only on private property. However, the City of Calgary has permission to run a shared e-scooter pilot project until October 2020.

Users can ride only on sidewalks, on pathways and in bike lanes. It is illegal to ride them on city roads. Carswell says the city isn’t set on the minimum age, though, in the long term. Bird Canada CEO Stewart Lyons says people just need to be responsible. “Just like a bicycle, would you put two people on a bicycle? Not too often, right?” Last week, CBC News reported that Calgary emergency rooms had seen 60 patients with e-scooter-related injuries so far, out of 70,000 trips.

About a third of them were fractures and roughly 10 per cent were injuries to the face and head.Step 2: After reading the recent article, you decide that, as the Vice President of Scoot, it is in the best interest of the company to send a letter to all your customers. You want to enforce the use of helmets when using scooters and that these will be available on all scooters. The helmet will include a heat sensor that can determine when the helmet is being worn and the scooter will only work when the sensor is activated. Your message should also remind customers about the policy they agreed to when they signed up for their account and should warn about the consequences if they do not follow the rules. Use the three-step writing process to develop and write your letter in Microsoft Word. The letter should be written following the negative format, choosing the direct or indirect approach, as outlined in Chapter 9 of the textbook. The letter must be clear and concise. You are welcome to create any information you wish to use in your letter. This includes making information up as long as it is reasonable.

Consider how you will announce the bad news, what explanations will you provide, what responsibility does the company assumes if any, what alternatives or benefits you can provide, and what will happen if this occurs in the future. Your letter is an important function in fostering good relationships while being sensitive, inclusive and respectful.

Address your first letter to Ross Rebel, at 123 5th Avenue, SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1M2Step 3: Formal business letters follow a standard format and design and includes an introduction, body and conclusion. Emails include elements such as salutation, body, close, and signature block. Follow the letter template from your textbook on page 455: Figure C.2 -Formal email message format. The letter is no more than one (1) page in length (not including cover page) and includes APA format. Review the marking rubric for compliance.

Step 4: Edit your message by reviewing the General Checklist for Business Communications and the Checklist for Negative Messages. Include a statement at the bottom of your document that you have reviewed your assignment using the both checklists.