Indigenous History Identity and Culture

Indigenous History Identity and Culture

The learner will prepare a reflection, summarizing the assigned Learning Activity’s topic or theme.  This is a graded learning activity.  Please refer to the enclosed rubrics located at the Drop Boxes, for guidance, on what the evaluation will be based.Select one Learning Activity from Module One (that is, you are selecting one Learning Activity from within that Module) for your Reflection 2 Assignment. For your Reflection Assignments, use only the provided resources found in the Learning Activity.

Format all assignments using the 6th or 7th Edition APA Style.  The assignment will be written in essay style.  Reflective guiding questions are located at the conclusion of all Learning Activities, and are for you to consider in the crafting of your Reflection Assignments.  Any assignment submissions done in point form will result in an automatic fail.  The assignment will include a title page, a minimum of two pages and a maximum of four pages of content, double spaced.  All assignments will include proper 6th or 7th Edition APA Style in-text citations and bibliography.  All information written, must show from where it was sourced. All sources listed in the selected Learning Activity, must be used in the writing, for each Reflection


The construction of the essay style assignments should include: introduction, body (analysis, exploration and in-text sourcing of support materials), and a conclusion (with a complete bibliography following it).  The objective is for the learner to complete the assigned readings/videos, while considering the guiding questions given: so as to complete the essay through the examination of the Learning Activity materials to arrive at a specified conclusion, which includes your own reflections, as it applies to them.

 Reflective Writing Rubric:


1-Depth of Reflection

Demonstrates a conscious and thorough understanding of the subject matter.  This reflection can be used as an example for other students.

2-Use of Learning Resources Evidence (Readings/Videos) and Proper APA Style Usage (In-Text Citations and Bibliography)

Uses specific and convincing examples from the the learning resources studied to support claims in your own writing, making insightful and applicable connections between them3-Language Use and Writing Cohesion

Uses language that is precise and engaging, with notable sense of voice, awareness of audience and purpose, and varied sentence structure.

4-Conventions and Writing Mechanics (grammar, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, etc.)

Demonstrates control of the conventions and mechanics with essentially no errors, even with sophisticated language.

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