I Believe in Education Essay

I Believe in Education Essay

Learning and education are my passion. I embrace acquiring both formal and informal education. I believe in pursuance of information I did not have previously. I retain as much knowledge as possible and look forward to applying this knowledge in the future if need arises. I believe that knowledge is vital regardless of the field from which it is derived. I have the interest to acquire knowledge in all disciplines. All this may not help me in the present status or even in my career but it could help some day.I believe that education is the root of all good. It betters one’s life and career. It shapes good characters and completes people. When I try to think the reasons as to why education is good, I recall my early school years. I remember my subjects, my teachers, a lot of fun was attached to studying.  It forms a basis of the most wonderful moments in my life. At teenage, I could hardly imagine how my future would be like. My father was a teacher and always encouraged me to study hard. He insisted that I could lose everything in life but knowledge would stay permanent. Since then, acquiring knowledge became my priority. Although I rarely appeared at the top of my class, I believed that topping was not all that I was aiming for. This could hardly set me back.

I may not possess all the earthly treasures that people value. However, I have a single possession that no one can steal from me. Despite the many financial constraints that I faced in my high school levels, I managed to qualify for college admission. At college, I had to work on a part-time basis to acquire some extra cash for my upkeep. I sacrificed a lot for the sake of my education- I did not go for shopping or partying with my friends.

In college, I obtained an awesome internship opportunity. I didn’t know much about the career field of IT and took the internship with the hopes of becoming a Network Engineer. Once the internship had ended the company had offered me a position as a Software Developer. This was not my original goal and I was slightly disappointed about it due to the fact that software developing was a very stressful and challenging job.  However, I had acquired some substantial information about software development from my colleagues in the course of my internship. At first, I was reluctant at picking this job. After speaking with others in the organization and conducting my own research, I realized this was a great opportunity. This, however, did not terminate my passion for education. I look forward to acquiring more in all fields since I believe education is priceless.I prefer learning on my own rather than being engaged in a formal learning setting. I believe and have proved that my retention level is best on the information I acquire on my own. Also, I see much value in the contributions by my peers in knowledge acquisition. A greater percentage of the knowledge that I have was acquired through individual learning and is majorly shaped by the interaction with my peers. I might not have made more successes than the uneducated or the less educated but I will still continue believing in the goodness of knowledge as it will always stay solid and strong in my mind.

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