Hurd765 Training Program Report

Hurd765 Training Program Report

Hurd765 is a terminal class in the HRD Program. Persons completing this class are expected to have “Demonstrated” that they can assess group and organization needs, decide the type of needs, separating learning and non-learning needs, constructing performance objectives to achieve the prioritized needs. Objectives in the appropriate domains that are stated in performance terms, state the criteria, and conditions; develop activities to achieve the objectives that are congruent in domain with the objective(s) they are intended to achieve (lesson plan). And finally design an evaluation process that meets the requirements of the objective. All elements of the training design must be completed as given in the Mini-Course.

These objectives stated above are normally achieved by the assignment of a real client to members of the class having been divided into small groups. Due to the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, on both the client and provider populations, the original requirements must be met another way. Therefore the following:In accordance with the opening paragraph above complete a training design. You will be graded in accordance to how well you have demonstrated your ability to construct training designs in accordance with the established criteria for competence.

Please be sure to respond fully all of the above.

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