Humid and Subtropical Climate

Humid and Subtropical Climate

Climate: Humid and Subtropical (Cfa)

Place: Alexander City, Alabama United States

The Cfa denotes humid and subtropical climate and is mainly found on the southeastern side of the United States (Kottek, Grieser, Beck, Rudolf, & Rubel, 2006). Alabama is in the southeastern region of the United States and experiences rainfall throughout the year with annul average of 80 to 165 cm. The summer is usually humid and hot with temperature ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. The afternoons and evenings are usually characterized by thunderstorms due to the warm tropical air that passes over the hot continent. Winters are usually mild, although the middle-latitude storms known as cyclones might cause snow and rain.

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Alexander City’s climate is largely linked to the Alabama’s humid subtropical climate,  and the city’s average temperature ranges at 16.4 0C (61.5 0F). Alexander City is 217 m above the sea level, the elevation which has contributed to  warm, temperate and mild climate (Weatherbase, 2019). The region experiences rainfall throughout evening during the dry months. The annual precipitation falls ranges at 1473mm/58.0 inch.  The precipitation is usually snow, hail, sleet or rain.


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