Human Resources Assignment Questions

You must answer 5 of the following questions. Each question is worth 4 marks for a total of 20 for the entire exam.
You may use point form or lists to answer the question. Be sure to provide enough detail so that your meaning is clear and be as specific as possible.
Make sure to number your answers to match the numbers on the questions.1. Your construction company has traditionally preferred to hire people who were born and grew up in Edmonton. When there is a discussion at a staff meeting about recruiting for a new position, what are four arguments you could offer about the benefit of a more diverse workforce?

2. Assume that being a student was actually a job. What are four competencies that are required to be successful in this role? How do they link to success?

3. Assume that you are opening a chocolate factory in a small town in eastern Alberta. The community has a lot of retired people in it. The level of unemployment is about average. The cost of housing is very low. The schools are quite good. Describe two ways in which the local labour market will affect your human resource management processes and what steps you will take to manage this impact.4. The HR manager for your small siding company of fifty employees is retiring. Your employees are spread throughout Alberta in several small communities. Your accountant suggested that before hiring a new candidate, you consider investing in an HRIS. What are four factors that you would consider while making this decision?

5. You work as a supervisor in a landscaping company. Your boss doesn’t see the need for job analysis before recruiting for a vacant position, because “we know what we need so it’s just a waste of time.” Describe four ways in which a job analysis contributes to the success of your organization. Be as specific as possible.

6. You and a friend are starting a coffee shop. You are concerned about hiring, but your friend thinks that it will be easy to hire people because there are lots of people looking for work. Describe two negative impacts on an organization that could result from a bad selection decision and how you would avoid them.