Human Resource Business Report

Human Resource Business Report

You are the HR manager at Brick’s Moving Company. Brick’s Moving is a company with about 100 moving trucks and 350 employees. Most of the employees (i.e., 250) are “Loaders/Movers” earning $18.00 to $20.00 per hour. The company also employs about 80 “Drivers” who require a Class 1 driver’s licence and earn between $30.00 and $32.00 per hour. There are also a few other employees in management and clerical fields. The owner has just informed you that there are certain jobs, namely Loaders/Movers, for which he feels minimum strength requirements are Bona Fide Occupational Requirements (BFORs).The typical crew sent out with a moving van is two to three people, and the working space is very narrow and crowded. Given that in reality, it is difficult to work in that close-spaced environment. All of those workers are actively employed in moving and securing the household goods with one of them taking a lead-hand role. The typical loading job takes 6–8 hours almost all of which is spent engaged in physical work of lifting and carrying.

You have a candidate for a Loaders/Movers job who informs you that he would like to be employed on such a crew. He is upfront and informs you he is concerned because he has a medical condition that does not permit him to work at physically demanding jobs for more than 1 hour without a 30-minute break or more than 2–3 hours total within a work-day period. He is fully qualified for the position based on your evaluation and indeed is the second placed candidate at least before taking his medical capacity for the job into consideration). Ideally he would like to work towards obtaining his Class 1 driver’s licence and becoming a Driver over the next three years.How would you handle this situation? Outline all reasonable steps you may have to take and all considerations you would examine and why. What research would you do? What ultimately would be your conclusion and recommendations to the owner of Brick’s Moving?

Your report should be properly structured in accordance with APA style

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