How Power of One Connects with Apartheid

How Power of One Connects with Apartheid

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From 1948 to around 1990, there was widespread of an authorized system of discrimination in South Africa which was commonly referred to as Apartheid (Glaser 372). The system led to the creation of isolated developments whereby the whites and the blacks had their own schools, hospitals, and other facilities despite all of them being under one government. The discrimination gave a greater recognition of the whites. Apartheid authoritarian political culture did more harm to nonwhites. These included; Black Africans, Asian, and Colored South Africans.  The impacts of the Apartheid on both economic and social aspects have continued to manifest even up to the present day. During this period, facilities such as churches were shared with respect to race. This means that whites had to use their own facilities while the rest of the South Africans use their own facilities. The South African government acknowledged and made Apartheid formal after it ascended to power after the 1948 country’s elections. THIS IS A SAMPLE ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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The Power of One is a novel which was written by Bryce Courtenay in 1989. Microcosm is a small sample of development representing a much larger one. The novel, “Power of One” is a story of young boy, Peekay who had a great passion for changing the world (Kruger and Yadavalli 3). As he grew up, he suffered a lot.  This was because he was the only English boy in the African school. When he got orphaned, unfortunately, life became hard for him. Things became even more difficult after his only helper and guardian, Professor Von Vollensteen was jailed by the English government. However, this did not hinder him from pursuing his dream. This part of the boy’s life is a true manifestation of the microcosm. This part of the novel is closely connected to the Apartheid. When Professor Von Vollensteen failed to acknowledge and register with the White government as a foreigner, he got jailed. This was a clear manifestation of Apartheid. The arrest of Professor Von Vollensteen was a clear manifestation of how the white men treated nonwhites as subjects who were supposed to react positively to whichever rule that comes from them.

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