How Judges are selected in North Carolina State

How Judges are selected in North Carolina State

Just Answer each question no paper format needed. Answer all questions.
Question #1)
Answer the following questions:
How are judges selected in your state? Are they elected or appointed?
If they are appointed, who appoints them?
How long is the term of a judge in your state? Is it for a fixed term or for life?
What are the provisions for removing a judge from office if he or she is deemed unfit?

Question #2)

Argue a case for appointing judges and then argue a case for having them elected. Try to spend equal time on each side of this issue, discussing some possible outcomes from each scenario.Question #3)

Learn about the “Missouri Plan” as a method of combining appointment and election. Write a description of how it works.

Question #4)

Argue the case for a judge having a fixed term of office. Then argue the case for a judge being elected for life. What are some advantages and disadvantages of each system?

Question #5)
Answer the following:
Many victims of crime do not like plea bargaining. If you were a victim of a crime, or a close friend or family member of a victim, how would you feel if the guilty person was given a lighter sentence because he or she pleaded guilty and avoided a trial? Fully explain your point of view.
What if you were accused of a crime and, although you knew you were innocent, the evidence pointed so overwhelmingly to you that you believed you had no chance of being acquitted in a trial? In this situation, how might you feel about the option of plea bargaining? Explain your comments thoroughly. Question #6)

What do you think about suppressing certain evidence because it has been obtained illegally? How does it relate to the Constitutional right to due process? Explain your point of view fully, giving examples to back yourself up.

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