Hotel Operations Case Study

Hotel Operations Case Study

Why this assessment

New generations of business and leisure travellers are expecting a higher level of technological interaction in all areas of their lives. This expectation extends to hotels and service delivery. Modern managers need to understand how these expectations can be met without compromising the level of service they provide in their establishments. Your task

The General Manager of your 4.5-star Hotel on the Gold Coast has asked that you prepare a report relating to the introduction of technological enhancements into the service delivery processes in the hotel

You will need to research such enhancements and identify those areas of the hotel that would be suitable candidates. From these considerations, you will identify a particular operational area to focus on and propose a particular technological enhancement you believe will provide a benefit to the level of service provided by the hotel

You will need to focus on the following elements in preparing this report

  1. A contextual discussion of High touch and Low touch service delivery
  2. A consideration of those areas of the hotel where technological enhancements are appropriate based on the research of contemporary practices
  3. A proposal for one is of the hotel, identifying a particular (real) product. This proposal needs to include both the benefits and negative aspects of the idea.
  4. Recommendations providing an overview of the implementation of the proposal

Other Information about this assessment

The report will need to include an executive summary, title page, table of contents and full Harvard referencing as per the SCU referencing style. The word count (1500 words) does not include an executive summary or reference list.Marking Criteria

This Report will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Contextual discussion 10 Marks
  • Proposal and evaluation 20 Marks
  • Research and Communication 5 Marks
  • Research and Referencing             5 Marks

See Assessment Details on MySCU for more instructions

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