Horror Movies: Stephen King

Horror Movies: Stephen King

Based on the \”Why We Crave Horror Movies\” by Stephen King readingAnswer only *two* questions from the \”Questions on Meaning\” (pick two questions to answer below)
1. What is King\’s succinct, five-word explanation for why we crave horror movies?
What are three reasons that he gives to elaborate upon this explanations

2. What does King – who contends that everyone is mentally ill – mean by the comment, \”sanity becomes a matter of degree\”?

3. What are the elements of horror films that cause \”good liberals\” to avoid them?

Answer only *two* questions from the \”Rhetorical Strategy and Style\” (pick two questions to answer below)
2. Reread paragraphs 1-6, How does King introduce tension into his piece with the comment, \”Ah, but this is where the ground starts to slop away, isn\’t it\”? What suggestions is he placing in the minds of his readers when he begins to speak of \”a very peculiar sort of fun\”?3. Explain the metaphor that King uses for our \”anti civilization emotions\” and the demands that those emotions make of us.

4. This narrative relies heavily on concrete, sensory detail. List at least one example each of the author\’s appeal to sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. What emotions do these sensory details evoke?

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