Hiroshima was Ideal target for American Bombing

Section 1: Why was Hiroshima such an ideal target for American bombing?

After various deliberations, the American leaders ruled out that Hiroshima was the ideal location for dropping the atomic bomb resulting from the $2 billion Manhattan project. There are a number of reasons that have been used to explain the singling out and the destruction of Hiroshima. The city had not suffered any of the previous attacks perpetrated by the US Airforce. The proponents of the bombing ideology had desired to drop the atomic weapon in a location that would permit them to observe and assess the harm caused by the weapon effortlessly. Hiroshima had not suffered any of the previous bombings. Hence it would be a perfect ground to establish the weapon’s degree of destruction. Hiroshima was a military base and hosted plants for manufacturing the weapons used in the war. Thus, bombing the city would disable the Japanese military system and destroy their will to continue fighting resulting in their surrender and compliance. Truman categorically states that the nuclear weapon was used against the militants and their goals and not on the innocent children and women:  ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Section Two: a. Discuss the experiences of one of the central characters in this book

For this assignment, I chose to discuss the experiences of Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura among the six characters explored in the book. Mrs. Nakamura, when the catastrophe occurs, is a widowed woman whose husband was a tailor. She has three children all under her care. At the beginning of the book, she and her children had just made a return to their house from a military area where they had spent part of their previous night in fear of a raid warning. “The tailor’s widow who lived in the section called Nobori-cho and who had long had a habit of doing as she was told, got her three Children and walked with them to the military area.” (HERSEY 19). Mrs. Nakamura is definitely a good citizen, she believed in doing all that she was told to. Any humane reader would feel much sympathy for this woman just as I do and easily identify with her psychologically. Her role in the book is ideal for an ordinary victim who suffers the consequences of an extraordinary event: End of PreviewORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Section 2 b. Explain what you think the author′s purpose was in telling so many individual anecdotes about life before the bomb.

Section Three: List and describe some of the side effects from radiation sickness.

Section Four: Explain why the medical and rescue efforts had so little impact on the survivors’ behalf, immediately following the blast.

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