Hiring Ethical People Activity

Hiring Ethical People Activity

Hiring Ethical People Activity –Write-up
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Your team is part of a task force that works in conjunction with the Health Services Recruiting Office. You help the director with recruiting, and as an added responsibility, you design screening procedures aimed at ensuring candidate integrity. You will be working as part of a team to complete the following steps:Order Now from Course Researchers1. Design a job posting (or several) in line with your hiring plan (you do not need to be a graphic designer–just provide a general outline). Which position(s) do you want to advertise? What information will you relay to potential candidates? How this is accomplished in the posting? Whom would you like to target? Where will you advertise, and how will this access the target pool of candidates?

2. Review the CVs (professional resumes) of the three applicants provided in the case study (imagine they have responded to the job posting you designed). What information is important for an ethics screening? From an ethical standpoint, identify the relative strengths of the candidates.

3. Imagine you have invited candidates for interviews. Draft three interview questions that have as their purpose to screen the ethicality of the candidates. Explain how each question addresses the objectives of an ethics screening.

4. Identify other ways that you will gather information about the candidates. For example, which kinds of background checks will you perform and why? Will you speak to references? If so, what will you ask them and why? Use this section to describe any and all additional ways you will learn about the candidates. Explain how you will use this information to assess candidates’ ethics.Order Now from Course Researchers5. Briefly explain how you, as the employer, will maintain your own ethical and legal standards during the hiring process. Assume for our purposes that the same legal standards that were presented in Chapter 3 apply in a Canadian setting.

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