Health Safety and Workplace Environment

Health Safety and Workplace Environment

DESCRIPTION Health and safety in the workplace environment (HSE) is a problem costing employees, the community and the economy. Organisations must focus on promoting health and safety to fulfil basic human needs and also to improve performance. Health and safety performance can be improved by creating an effective health and safety management system, consultation, and growing a health and safety culture. Throughout the unit, students will examine practical examples alongside theoretical principles with a view to making their own appropriate HSE decisions. Students will be required to evaluate existing HSE cultures and systems and to combine theory, legal requirements and their own judgement in creating HSE recommendations.
LEARNING OUTCOMES On completion of this unit students should be able to:

1.           Access and critically evaluate the workplace health and safety legal obligations for specific industries.

2.           Evaluate organisations risk management effectiveness to justify workplace health and safety performance improvement.

3.           Analyse the role of the key stakeholders in workplace health and safety in the development of a high performance organisation

4.           Identify and prioritise the applicable elements of a workplace health and safety management system for an organisation.

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