Health Promotion Posting Essay

Health Promotion Posting Essay

Two Discussion Board Postings | Value 20%Assignment 2 consists of two postings that you will write for the unit Discussion Forums: Part A Discussion: Posting 1; and Part B Discussion: Posting 2..

For each of the two postings of Assignment 2, select a topic of interest from the five topics listed below. Write a two-page paper discussing the selected topic.

Health Promotion Posting

Identify a client from your clinical experience who could have benefited from nursing intervention to promote health and wellness. Briefly describe the client’s need for health promotion. How is the need related to aging, chronic illness, and/or functional limitations? What health promoting activities would have helped meet the client’s need? How do the suggested health promoting activities encourage self-responsibility?

Chronic Illness Posting

Briefly describe a client in your clinical experience who has experienced a debilitating chronic illness or functional decline. What has been the trajectory of the illness? How has the illness affected his or her daily function and quality of life? What nursing interventions to promote function and well-being for the client have been overlooked or neglected?Community Resources for Chronic Illness Posting

Think of a common chronic health problem for older adults about which you are interested in finding more information. Identify one community agency or on-line resource available to seniors experiencing this health problem. Post a brief descriptive summary of the agency/resource including the URL for the website if applicable. Critique the agency/resource and its website (for example, the adequacy of its services for older adults, the accessibility of the resource, the functionality of the website, the currency and credibility of website information, and other features as relevant). Explain why you would or would not recommend this resource to others.

Physical Restraints Posting

Describe the restraint policies at your work setting. How do the policies and recommendations from literature differ from actual practice in your work setting? What are the implications of these differences? What are some ways to reduce/improve restraint use in your work setting?

Mental Health in the Older Adult Posting

Briefly describe an older client who has mental health or cognition problems and who, in your opinion, has been under-treated. What are the barriers to the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of the client in this example? How could these barriers to the client’s diagnosis and treatment be addressed? What is the role of nursing in addressing mental health problems? What has this experience taught you about senior’s mental health? How might you use this knowledge in the future?

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