Health Care Problem Solving

Health Care Problem Solving

Leadership/Management, Problem Solving/

Decision Making Final Paper Guidelines and Rubric

 The final assignment in this course asks you to identify a problem having to do with a health care legal/legislative/or policy issue. Provide a comprehensive introduction to the situation, including the background and scope of the problem, identify how this policy or legislation influences the nature and functioning of the healthcare system, and potential solutions.

Then apply a formal problem-solving or decision-making model( Managerial, Traditional problem solving, integrated ethical, and integrated ethical problem solving). and apply each step of the model to reach a decision about the best way to address the problem. Make sure you identify whether a maximizing or satisficing solution was needed and why. Also make sure you have specific evaluation criteria that include both process (how will you measure the quality of your decision making itself?) and outcome measures (identify outcomes).Order Now from Course ResearchersAuthenticity is important in this paper.  Be realistic in your problem solving in terms of the time, energy, and power that it may take to implement the chosen alternative. In addition, it is important to demonstrate self-awareness in your analysis by discussing what personal values or beliefs might have influenced your choices.

Submit this paper through the link in the Week 15 weekly folder.

Writing Expectations – 6-8 pages, double-spaced, in length, not counting title page and references. APA format required (Title page, citations in body of paper, and Reference list). An introduction and conclusion are required. The steps of the problem-solving or decision-making model chosen are recommended as additional subheadings for the paper.

References– See the rubric for Evidence Based Analysis for reference expectations.

How Will the Paper Be Graded? The final paper will be graded using the rubric noted on pages 2-4. The paper will be scored 0-60 points. Two points will be subtracted for each day the paper is late, including weekends. 

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