Health Care Problem Solving Project

Health Care Problem Solving Project

Suppose that your hospital just has been awarded 500,000AED to conduct a project that aims at solving a specific problem. The CEO of your hospital has assigned you as the manager of this project:blank1. Specify the problem in your project?
2. Perform root-cause analysis of the identified problem using a fishbone diagram.
3. Discuss potential solutions to solve this problem.
4. Pick one solution to the problem identified in question No. 3 and do a force field analysis.
5. Identify four common deliverables that would result from your suggested solutions?
6. What are some potential process measurements that should be employed to measure overall project performance?
7. Which process improvement tool can have the most powerful effect to implement your suggested solutions?
8. If you faced some barriers to process improvement, which change management techniques may be necessary?
9. If you want to ensure progress against timeline expectations, which tool would you select to help track the implementation of your suggested solutions? Explain
10. Assume that the implementation of your solutions will most likely be completed in 70 days, but several optimistic staff feels that it can be completed in as little as 56 days, while others expect it to take nearly 89 days. Using program evaluation and review technique calculations, what is the duration to be used in your tracking tool identified in question 9?  blank 11.1 Suppose that your hospital currently uses FCFS to determine how to sequence patients in one of its departments. Assuming the following data are representative to compare FCFS with SPT and EDD sequencing rules, what rule should your hospital be using and why?
11.2 Use these data to calculate the slack time remaining and critical ratio?

Patient Processing Time (minutes) Due Time (minutes)
A 40 85
B 15 70
C 35 65
D 25 90
E 30 40


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