Health Alterations Assessment Task

Health Alterations Assessment Task

1. Discuss the pathophysiology and foundational nursing concepts

Task description: The goal of this task is to demonstrate an understanding of a clinical condition and then describe the nursing care for the patient, the potential impact of the condition on the patient and their family and society, before describing other multi-disciplinary team approaches to the clinical condition.  To do this you will be placed in a groups of 4 students and construct a narrated powerpoint presentation to be submitted as a video file (MP4) in Week 8.

What you need to do: Step 1: You will encourage to form groups or be allocated a group in Week 0.   You will then be randomly assigned one of the following conditions:

·         TIA

·         Haemorrhagic Stroke

·         Cystic fibrosis

·         Asthma

·         Cholecystitis

·         Elderly patient with a UTI

·         Angina

·         Fractured neck of humerus

·         Duodenal ulcer

Step 2: Discuss and argue the pathophysiological basis for the condition

Step 3: Discuss the nursing considerations related to the condition

Step 4: Discuss how the interventions and corresponding nursing action align with relevant nursing professional, frameworks ethical and legal codes such as the RN practice standards, codes of conduct and ethics.


1.       Make sure you draw on best available evidence to support your assessment. Journal articles should be no older than 5 years old, unless a clear justification for its use is provided. Textbooks no older than 7 years old may be used sparingly and only to support pathophysiological information.

2.       Referencing correctly is an easy way to secure marks so put effort into this. Make sure you reference from peer reviewed journals that are related to the topic.

3.       Do not use google! Use the library databases.

4.       This is an academic essay written in academic language: use third person, do not use ‘I’

5.       Make sure you use correct terminology within your assessment.

The case study assignment is a group Assessment Item. You may work collaboratively with other students to understand concepts in this course, but your answers must be your groups research, interpretation and application of the materials.  Each of you needs to agree to what is being presented.

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