Gun Ownership and Violence Essay

Gun Ownership and Violence Essay

1-Shooting Guns: It’s Rather Fun, Actually by D.k (page.544)


The issue of gun ownership has spurred a controversial debate despite gun ownership being permitted in the constitutions. While many people cite that they need to own guns for self-defense, there is an unpopular opinion shooting is fun. Although most people have not come out to claim the fun that they have using guns, the few people who hold this view say that that it is a true account only that many people would not want to admit it, perhaps due to the controversies surrounding gun ownership. Owning a gun could be fun until something goes wrong. Critically, owning guns increases gun violence, and guns are only used for fun and self-defense rare occasions.Gun violence has been on the rise for the past few years, a rate that can be attributed to the increased numbers of civilians who own guns. Guns cause many intentional and non-intentional deaths nationally. Normalizing the use of guns for fun activities will only work best at increasing these deaths. Guns will not always be used for fun, as most of the owners will claim. There will be increased cases of armed-violence, as many criminals will have access to guns. There is also a possibility that stray bullets will harm people engaging in the fun activity or those passing-by in situations where the fields will not be disclosed. With the increased availability of guns in the disguise of fun, more people will suffer gun violence, and others will be victims of the psychological effects of their use.

People rarely use guns for fun activities or self-defense. Even those people who claim to use guns exclusively for fun will be quick to take revenge on their offenders by shooting them. Ideally, there are many fun activities that people can engage in. The utilization of firearms for fun appears insensitive, especially for people who have suffered gun violence. The injuries caused by gunshots have a life-changing impact on the victims. Some of them may suffer mental health conditions or even require care for the rest of their lives. No one would want to undergo this situation. Thus, it is vital to practice some degree of responsibility, practicality, and sensitivity when thinking that gun use could result in any form of fun. The degree of harm that they will cause will definitely surpass their utility.

Those who advocate for gun use for fun activities cite that people should be convinced to use guns routinely and safely. They argue that guns are not the enemy, as it is people who are responsible for gun violence. This claim is, however, not convincing, considering that more guns lead to increased gun violence. It is essential to control the use of guns on all occasions to mitigate the impacts of gun violence.Conclusion

The debate about gun control in the United States is highly divisive. Although gun ownership is permissible by the law, we need to reconsider its implications. Shooting for fun, though a legitimate concern, ought not to be part of the discussion considering the threat of guns on human lives. Normalizing the use of guns for fun will ultimately lead to a normalization of gun violence if not properly regulated.

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