Guide to Asian American History

Guide to Asian American History

Assignment # 2

Looking at the chronology, pp. A – N (packet), please identify 3 dates anywhere between 1880 – 1980 that you find particularly interesting. One date should be a social, cultural event/happening; another one should be on a specific law being created or amended, and one last one should be on a landmark case involving two parties.

Write about 250 or more words about what you learned about these 3 dates. Please look at the Narrative Overview that looks at the specific date that you highlight as a reference. Please share Writing Assignment #2 using MLA style in your shared Google Docs.Reading notes :

 There is no right way to share a reading note. Our English 231 Reading Notes will be a space where we can all share ideas, thoughts, perspectives, questions/ concerns, etc. related to each reading covered throughout this semester. Each person can share a portion, or all of their response, a blurb, page-by-page or paragraph-by-paragraph commentaries/ annotations, stream-of-consciousness (free-writing), poem, and so forth. I am not expecting any particular form, except that I am encouraging everyone to ask and/or present questions for discussion as a way to bring attention to particular areas and insights related to the reading. I am, however, requesting that you offer 3 or more questions for us to reflect and talk about. Reading Notes offers another great way to contribute to our reading, ongoing thoughts, analyses, discussions, etc. on readings and materials being covered. Think of it as an intellectual space so please take this seriously.

*Minimum length of a reading note should be roughly 200 words.

Columbia’s Guide to Asian American History, Narrative Overview

Week 1 Reading: The_Columbia_Guide_to_Asian_American_History_—-_(Pg_25–44).pdf

For this week, Pages 4 – 7 (please do the notes for ONLYYYYY page 4-7)

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