Global Terrorism: Solution to Old Problem

Global Terrorism: Solution to Old Problem

The issue of terrorism is perhaps the most disturbing problem in the social and political realms. Ideally, the problem will not end if the nations do not change their strategies on how they approach the problem. It is the high time that the leaders stop making the usual unhelpful declarations of unconditional wars against terrorism. The only way to conquer the global problem is setting more effective and practical responses to the developing threat. Although some people have not witnessed the problem hit their homes, they have heard or seen its effects. No one can claim safety from terrorism regardless of their residence. We are all equally vulnerable and susceptible. Despite the fact that almost all the measures taken against terrorism in the past have failed, I still believe that it is possible to solve it. In following analysis, I will outline my views on the possible solutions to end terrorism.Firstly, we ought to totally change our perspectives towards terrorism. The most popular explanation towards terrorism (poverty) must be dropped. The supposition that a terrorist has to be poor is mythical and hardly justifiable. As a matter of fact, the problem is a thing of the rich, well-educated extremists. By this, I do not intend to imply that being educated and rich is wrong. The point is that there is always a mastermind behind every attack. Also, terrorism should not be perceived as a religious ideology. It is wrong to believe that Islam is the root of terrorism. Furthermore, the concept of terrorism was derived from a French word. This negates the belief that the word has an Asian origin. Keeping the aforementioned beliefs will only impair the war against terrorism as these has not worked since in history.

Secondly, the teaching of morals should be emphasized in the teaching curriculums. Why is it that the intellects are the leaders of the terrorist gangs? It is simply because our education systems breed egocentric, highly sensitive intellectuals who only seek their own good. Similarly, the adults have a great role to play in indoctrination. There is much that happens when we hint to the young ones that some individuals, ethnic groups, and religious institutions are our enemies. We should embrace unity and equality in our societies. Both the seen and unseen (real and perceived) injustices are the main causes of injustices. Inequality and unfairness in the political realm especially in the distribution of resources attracts enmity among groups. The hatred among the leaders invites divisions among the citizens.

Lastly, institutions should keep constant checks on extremists. These activists having been driven away from their native countries because of being too radical often find refuge in foreign countries. These extremist start fighting back their countries in the foreign land using the natives. Persecuting such individuals should not be considered undemocratic as they pose problems to their countries.

In conclusion, the sole action of waging wars on the terrorists will never work. The best way to address any problem has always been mitigating the causes. As much as military conquests could help in threatening the terrorists, other institutions have a role to play. There is no single individual or institution that can be blamed for terrorism or to have power over it. Every member of the society has a role to play in ending the problem.

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