Global Human Resource Management

Global Human Resource Management

In no more than 2.000 words, you are required to develop an academic essay consolidating your knowledge

and understanding of issues and challenges facing your target profession/industry/sector. This will be achieved through the completion of the following tasks:1. Using a range of relevant literature (both academic and professional sources), identify and critically evaluate contemporary issues and challenges facing your target profession/industry/sector. This is worth 40% of the overall marks- 1,500 words.

Please note you must:

  • Provide a clear introduction to your target profession/industry/sector (e.g., a graduate development scheme, self-employment, working for your family’s business, a promotion with your current employer, etc). You should highlight if this will be in the UK, your home country or elsewhere.
  • Identify key challenges and issues relating to your chosen profession/industry/sector. This may include professional body viewpoints, recent organisation case studies and published academic studies. You may also include a combination of challenges and issues facing the wider profession/industry/sector as well as those facing postgraduates.
  • You are not required to identify a specific number of issues and challenges, these will differ depending on the profession/industry/sector in question. We are looking for evidence of critical evaluation of these issues and challenges, supported with credible academic and professional sources.
  • Provide a succinct conclusion, indicating the impact of these challenges and difficulties for your target profession/industry/sector moving forward.
  • You must identify a specific role/industry/sector. ‘I would like to work in marketing’ is too broad.

2. Through a short reflective statement, consider the implications of these challenges and issues for you and your subsequent career in this industry/sector. This is worth 20% of the overall marks- approx. 500 words

  • In light of the challenges and difficulties you have identified, what personal implications can you discern which will need to be addressed moving forward?
  • We are looking for evidence of your awareness and understanding of the theory/cases/literature you have discussed in your essay.
  • You may wish to focus your reflections on challenges and issues you have discussed in your essay which you feel will have significant implications for your career in this industry/sector (in comparison with others). You should explain why these particular challenges/issues are of key concern for you, supported with evidence.
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