Giving College Athletes Financial Rewards

The world of sport has had celebrated celebrities ranging from footballers to athletes. The most notable sportsmen and women have been compensated awesomely for showcasing their talents. The world’s most successful and prominent sports celebrities do not just erupt abruptly but start either in the sports training academies or schools. Amazingly, the sports people efforts are only recognized and rewarded when they engage in commercialized sports. This trend in the sports industry leads this essay to question whether those who participate in non-commercialized sports, especially college athletes should be paid. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW  Besides, in the recent years, there have been hot debates among the college students suggesting that they should be allowed to form unions to compel the colleges and NCAA to pay for their participation in sports. The college athletes cite various reasons why they should be paid. For example, they argue that their likeness and names are used in the video games but receives no compensation in return. Additionally, athletes point out that colleges are paid a lot of money for their sports activities to be used in advertisements, yet they do not pay them (Edelman). It is out of the college athletes and other stakeholders’ plea whereby this paper agrees with the statement that college athletes should be paid. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW 

Apart from the few reasons cited by the college athletes above, there are so many justifiable reasons why student-athletes should be paid. First, college students physically engage in the sporting activity, and in the process, they may be injured. The nature of the sporting activity itself is a risk to the bodies of the participants. Ideally, if a person is engaged in a risky activity, he or she should be awarded the reasonable compensation that is worth the risk involved. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW  However, this is not the case for the college athletes who are perceived as cash generating units by their colleges. Student-athletes put their health and bodies at risk, and on certain occasions, they may end up becoming paralyzed either as result of a hard tackle or being hit by the ball. College athletes actively engage in the sporting activities not only for their future sports career, but also but also for the benefits of the colleges and therefore, they should be paid accordingly. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW or

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