Gawain’s motivation to fight Launcelot

6. Based on Gawain’s motivation to fight Launcelot, how has Gawain showed the reader the duality of his persona? (Base this answer on what you’ve read in this story, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight) ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

7. Modred, Arthur’s son, decides to usurp the throne; how does he go about justifying why he should become the new king? Why do some of the people support him in his taking of the throne?

8. When the battle between Arthur and Modred’s forces in the harbor is over, who does Arthur find mortally wounded? (Pg. 256) What does this particular individual reveal to Arthur in his dying moments?

9. How does this doomed individual attempt to make things right between Arthur and Launcelot?

10. How has Modred shown the reader that he embodies the antithesis of the code of chivalry? What is Modred truly loyal to?

11. What form of foreshadowing is used in the story to give us insight into the future?

12. What motivates Arthur’s decision to fight Modred despite Sir Bedivere’s advice to avoid the conflict?

13. When King Arthur requests Sir Bedivere to through Excalibur into the lake, how does Arthur know the knight has disobeyed him? What does this disobedience reveal about Sir Bedivere’s character as a knight?

14. Develop how Sir Bedivere’s hesitation to throw Excalibur into the lake can be both a selfish and unselfish act, depending on how one may view the act itself?

15. If there is blame to be held by one character in the story, who do you place this blame on and for what reason? Should this person also be considered as the reason that brought about the downfall of King Arthur? Explain thoroughly. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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