Fresh Graduates Company Research

Fresh Graduates Company Research

It is very tempting for the fresh graduate to undertake the first job when he or she do not have another employment alternative. When someone is in this condition, it becomes difficult to research about the company. It is obvious he or she will forgo the crucial steps of researching the company before applying. However, despite the fresh graduate situation, the failure to carry out research on company comes out with several consequences. According to Moy (2016), an individual will miss big opportunities if he fails to dig deep and acquire more information about the company. This paper offers findings on why it is important to carry out company research.Research Findings

There are several benefits of carrying out company research as illustrated below;

Offers potential Connection with the company.

Company research before sending a resume to the company gives a fresh graduate an opportunity to search whether goals of the company aligns with his or her career goals. Besides, it is an opportunity for the applicant to explore whether the company can help him or her to achieve his career goals (Kirsch, 2012).

It offers additional important information about the company.

Apart from the alignment of the personal career goals to that of the organization, company search can avail a graduate with important information about the company (Huhman, 2014). For example, the through company research someone will be able to acquire information about the job description, and whom to report to. The applicant can use this information to access whether the person he or she is going to work under share the same career objectives with him.

Gives a candidate a chance to determine whether he can work with the organization.

Failure to carry out company search can land a graduate to the job that he or she knows nothing about it (Donlin, 2016). This can cause regrets later. However, carrying out a company search will give a candidate a chance to evaluate the company and decide whether the target goals of the company can match his career objectives.


First, fresh graduates should come up with the list of all the companies they interested to work with. Then, a candidate will go to the LinkedIn and search more about the selected companies. This will provide the applicant with the essential connection that can help him know more about the company. Secondly, the graduate can obtain information about the company by visiting the company website and other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Finally, after searching for the company list what you think will influence you to join the company. That will give you a chance determine whether you should send the application. If the company goals match your career goals and the company has mechanisms that can help realize your dream, then it advisable to send your application.


A fresh graduate might be thinking it is time-consuming to carry out company search. However, it beneficial to sacrifice time and do the company search. This helps an applicant to establish whether the target organization will provide him or her with job satisfaction as well be able to attain his or her career objectives.

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