Frellsen’s Current Content Strategy

Frellsen’s Current Content Strategy

I need you to analyze Frellsen’s current content strategy, including:
Their audience (preferably with a persona)
Types of content they use – and where they use it
Visual identity – colors, logos, look, etc
Tone of voice and languageThen I need you to also recommend improvements to their content strategy which could include:
New types of content
Changes in visual identy
Tone of voice and language

Frellsen doesn’t put a lot of money into marketing, so recommending stuff like TV ads is not gonna work. Preferably I’d like you to recommend improvements that does not include any paid marketing methods. However, you may include Facebook advertisements or other fairly cheap advertisement
methods if you please.

The website or any other content they use is not in English, so you will need to translate the web pages. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to do that. https://www.dummies.com/education/internetbasics/how-to-translate-a-website-with-google-translate/

They have both websites for their chocolate and their coffee, but we focus on their chocolate section, however, if you need it, here’s both websites. https://frellsenchokolade.dk/

https://frellsenkaffe.dk/Files/Files/Dokumenter/Frellsen_Kaffe_Katalog2_2019.pdf#page=28 on page 28 you see a price list of their homemade dessert chocolate and their ‘’flødeboller’’ or cream puffs in english, although there isn’t any correct translation since ‘’flødeboller’’ is a typical Danish treat.

I need the analysis to be simple. Max 2-3 pages long.
At the end of the analysis I want you to highlight your key findings in the analysis.

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