Five Critical Thinking Indicators

Five Critical Thinking Indicators

Develop these five critical thinking indicators.
1) Effective communication
2) Logical and Intuitive
3) Thinking ahead
4) Realistic and Practical
5) Confident1. The paper must clearly define five critical thinking indicators.

2. The paper includes a complete and thoughtful explanation of why you chose these indicators.

3. The paper must describe a thoughtful and appropriate response to the case study scenario that clearly incorporates critical thinking skills to make decisions.

4. Must have case study for each point or indicators

5. The paper clearly and accurately identifies which of the previously defined critical thinking indicators were used in addressing the case study.

6. Factors that supported and that impacted the ability to think critically were identified and described clearly.

7. Strategies for future improvement were clear and appropriate for the scenario.

8. The paper is in APA format, and all writing is clear and professional, with sources cited and references provided in all cases needed.

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