Family Versus Friends Essay

Family Versus Friends Essay

Who among family and friends is more important in individual’s life.

People interact with their families and friends at different levels. However, it is always challenging to determine which of the two groups of people is more important. Both family and friends play different roles in one’s life, making it hard for an individual to decide who should be first on the list. Nevertheless, the impact of family life cannot be ruled out. Family provides the very for the person’s growth and development and tends to be more helpful in our lives than our friends.

Family forms the basic social unit in one’s life. It is through family whereby someone is brought up from a tender to an adult. During the development process, the person is provided with all necessary resources, including education, medication, food and other necessities that are crucial for the growth and development of a human being. At a young age, a mother, who is a family member, breastfeeds her kids, nurtures them, and takes care of them until they start to crawl and move independently.The role of the family does not end when one becomes independent as it extends to old age. When an individual attains senior age and cannot do certain things by themselves, they seek help from their family members. In old age, most people cannot walk without supporting aids like walking sticks and wheelchairs, and they will be in dire need of family support.

As much as family members are essential to one’s life, friends also play their role. Friends offer a lot of assistance, including providing accommodation, offering financial needs, doing classwork, or any other activity a friend would do. However, their role in one’s life cannot match that of the parents, brothers or sisters. Family members will always be more important in one’s life than friends.

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