Executive Remuneration in Australia

Executive Remuneration in Australia

Part 1: Executive remuneration in Australia: Reporting model and status of reporting

Executive remuneration has attracted the attention of wide range of stakeholders over time. The comment of previous Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull on the remuneration of ex-CEO Mr Fahour that it was ͞too high͟ ;Hatch, ϮϬϭϳͿ further brought this topic to limelight. Multiple articles exist in the area of executive remuneration. Attached are some articles.Required:
(a) Assume that you are a corporate consultant approached by the editor of a professional journal to develop a preferred reporting model of ‘executive remuneration’ and evaluate the executive remuneration section of an Australian stock exchange listed company. The development of the reporting model should be based on references and coherent argument. You can use some of the references in the reference list provided below if applicable, but additional references will strengthen the essay. The purpose of the reference list is to facilitate reflection on the topic. The word limit is 1500 words. Please refer to unit outline for further details and please note that the
response should be addressed to the Editor in the form of a Letter.

(b) You will then be required to provide feedback to three of your peers, based on rubric provided.
You will be assessed on both your submitted essay and quality of feedback, which will be evaluated
by teaching staff.

Part 2: Executive remuneration in Australia: Reporting model and status of reporting

In Part 1 of this assignment you wrote a letter to the editor of a professional journal outlining your preferred model of executive remuneration. In order to further attract audience, you have decided to record a video presentation of a maximum of five minutes to be uploaded on your consulting firm͛’s website Please briefly comment and incorporate the peer feedback in this recording.Required
You are required to submit a video recording of yourself on MyLo. The recording must be no longer than five minutes in duration.

Further instructions and information:
The recording should be of sufficient quality for the assessors. This can be done through most edevices. Since this is a short video wherein audience are interested in seeing you, please do not use power point slides or similar presentation tools.

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