Exam: Operations and Digital Business

Exam: Operations and Digital Business

All questions within are related to theories/models and case studies that you were advised to research in advance of the assessment. The combined maximum word count for these questions should be 2000 words

Q1. Define what Industry 4.0 is and briefly describe the Industry 4.0 environment. (10 marks)

Discuss its main characteristics using examples. (15 marks) (Total 25 marks)

Q2. Discuss the challenges of operations management and the role of smart supply chain management in the digital economy. (12 Marks)

Critically examine how Lean Strategy can enable a more sustainable performance of organizations and boost overall quality. Support your answer with relevant examples and models. (13 marks) (Total 25 marks)Q3. Using relevant examples from the manufacturing or service sectors discuss the benefits and limitations that digital transition entails in order to meet the operations performance objectives, greater capacity and customer demand. (20 marks)

Make recommendations for future trends (5 marks) (Total 25 Marks)

Q4. Discuss the importance of aligning corporate strategy and operations capabilities in the digital economy, and how this enhances agility and customer focus. Use relevant models/frameworks and examples. (Total 25 marks)

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