Exam: American History Essay

Exam: American History Essay


Essay Question – Worth 50 Points

Be sure to FULLY support your argument with historical information in a multi-paragraph (include introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.)

Follow English grammar standards and rules, using use college-level language.

Use Times New Roman and size 12 font. Double-space your essay.

Choose from ONE of the following topics and complete your essay. Remember to follow the instructions and formatting described.1)    What factors conspired to propel the United States to emerge as a military and economic powerhouse prior to World War II?


2)    What new opportunities did the war present for women and African Americans? What limitations did these groups continue to face in spite of these opportunities?


3) Explain how the 1920s was a decade of contradictions. What does the relationship between mass immigration and the rise of the Second Ku Klux Klan tell us about American attitudes? How might we reconcile the decade as the period of both the flapper and prohibition?


4)    How did the cultural products of the Great Depression serve to reflect, shape, and assuage Americans’ fears and concerns during this volatile period? How do our cultural products—such as books, movies, and music—reflect and reinforce our values in our own times?


DO NOT copy and paste ANY of your essay from ANY print or Internet source.  This is academic plagiarism and will result in an automatic zero for the Exam.

Minimum of 2 credible, scholarly sources.

Please make use of your textbook.

DO Not use .com, .net. or .orgs

Do Not use Wikipedia

Do not use an encyclopedia as one of your major sources. These are compilations, not a scholarly source.

You can use .edu and .gov

I strongly encourage you to use EbscoHost.

Here’s the link:


You must CITE all sources used within the text of your essay (using in-text citations) and provide a Works Cited Page of those sources; you may use whichever style you are most familiar: APA, MLA, Chicago. If you need assistance with this, please let me know.

You may also use our Communications Lab online services at https://www.occc.edu/writingcenter/echo.html

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