Events and Entertainment Operations

Events and Entertainment Operations

Executive SummaryblankFor evaluative and critical analysis of the charity event, this paper begins by addressing the fundamental success factors for the event. This will be continued by discussing how the critical success factors influenced the location of the event. In the discussion of the event success factors, the paper will emphasize on the type of the event, audience and accessibility. Secondly, the paper will elaborate on the activities to be taken into consideration during the event day. Some of the crucial elements to be discussed in this section include health and safety, risk management, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, supply chain management, waste management and legal issues. Finally, the paper will evaluates the aspects of sections one and two recommends the changes that can be made for the planning of the event.


Good and memorable events do not just happen (Hard, 2013). They are planned for and proper organization is made prior to the kicking of the event. Despite the type of event and the time an even will run all successes strategies should be provided.  This paper purposes to evaluate the planning and organizing of a charity for a client anticipating to raise funds to help homeless people living in London.  A charity event also known as a fundraiser event is campaign whole core aim is to accumulate funds for either non-profit or charity organization meant for a specific cause (Commonwealth of Australia , 2016). Charitable organizations would not be able to meet their objectives without planning for the events to persuade people to offer their contributions. Again, the participants would not attend and offer their maximum contribution if the planning and organizing of the event interferes with their schedules (Sorenson, 2013). Therefore, an event should have the schedule of each participant at hand during planning and organizing of the event.  Besides, plans should be made for the participants who are unable to attend an event to send their contribution. By putting all this into consideration the core purpose of the charity event will be achieved.

Critical Success Factors of a Charitable Event

Type and Location of Event

New Ways Events manager will choose Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea as the location of the event. The site located in West London and covers an area of five square miles. This location site is majorly known for leisure and culture activities. These activities will encourage majority of the participants to attend the event. Besides, is strategic position is likely to make it possible for the majority of the participants to attend the event. However, the location of an event will not make it successful if the core aspects of the event are not taken into consideration. According to Tum, 2011(p. 12) the purpose of the fundraising event is to get the people to contribute for the common cause of the charitable organization. The participants would not contribute if they are not convinced that their contribution will be used to meet the core duty of the charitable organization.

Target Audience

The event will target people living in London. It is important to note that the purpose of the fundraising is to help homeless people living in London. Therefore, targeting the donors living in London engage them in the mission and vision of the charitable organization. The donors in London will feel that they have share common values with a charitable organization and therefore they will offer their collective commitment for the achievement of the event goals. This is because despite the charitable organization achieving its objectives the wider community of London will directly benefit from this philanthropic support. To ensure full participation of all the donors an event manager will apply collective leadership. The collaboration of an event manager with donors London.

Event Accessibility

Event program irrespective where it is held must put into consideration the organizers must consider its accessibility by all people either with disability or without (Reid & Ritchie, 2011, p. 335). Therefore, it is the responsibility of the event organizers to ensure that the organized event is accessible by all the participants (Cornell University , 2014, p. 2). The targeted event fundraising donors lives in London. Therefore, it will be easier for them to access the event due to the proximity of its location. Again, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is spacious enough to facilitate the comfortableness of the participants during the event. Number of rooms in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea will enable the participants to search for the rooms that suits their demands and be able to address the issues they have.

Operations Plan on the Day of the Event

Event operations should be planned on advance. According to Brandau & Tolujevs (2012, p. 174) it does not matter whether an event is month or a year away. Brandau & Tolujevs supports that knowing the vent needs in advance gives an organizer time to acquire right resources. It also prepares an event project to cater for unexpected circumstances that may hinder the success of the event.  The failure of an event may lead to the loss of revenue frustrate the participants (Spark, 2010, p. 1182). Every event it unique and has its own challenges therefore an event manager should a full understand of the type of event he is organization to be able to plan for it effectively.

The planning on event cannot be a one person affair. An event manager will prepare a team that will help on making the operations of the event successful (Tassiopoulos, 2008, p. 26).  To make this event successful an event manager will have to attend charitable event before planning for the event operations. This will give a manager enough and pure experience to plan for the efficiently and effectively. According to Robbins (2008, p. 22) being a guest gives someone an ideal opportunity to observe all the vent operations. The event and operations manager will determine what will work well for his event or what will not work. This helps an event manager to common event management mistakes such poor participants’ registration management, inconsistency flow of the operations and poor coordination of the event programs. To achieve successful event operations, an event operations will have to consider the following aspects;

Healthy and Safety

It is the duty of the event manager to ensure the overall safety of all the attendants is maintained (Taylor & Toohey, 2008, p. 102). This is ensures that the people attending the event are not exposed to any risk that can affect their health and safety. To ensure the safety of the participants the event manager will collaborate with Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to put arrangements in place to minimize risks that might interfere with the health and safety of the attendants. Again, an event manager and his team will properly plan for the event activities to ensure cooperation and proper co-ordination of activities during the event. Manager will also analyze an event venue in advance to determine whether there is any possibility of risk occurrence during the event. In case the managers research finds that there might be elements of risk, then he will inform all the team members as well as the attendants about any risk that can interfere with their health and safety during the event operations.

An event manager cannot solely assume the responsibility of ensuring health and safety of all the people attending the event (Rundmo & Hale, 2013, p. 560). Therefore, he will be required to put competence personnel at bay to help in case a risk occurs. For the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea charitable event, an event manager will have ambulances and medical staff ready to attend to the participants in case of any accident. Alternatively, an event should arrange with Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to keep firefighting facilities and personal ready in help in minimizing the damages in the event of the fire breakout. It is also important to note that this charitable event is meant for contribute funds. Money is a sensitive resource and therefore and may attract people will ill intentions. Therefore, enough security should be put in place and a thorough search should be conducted for all the people entering the event venue. In addition to the above health and safety measures an event manager should check whether Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has complied with health and safety measures. This will help in accessing the risks that may interfere with the health and safety of the participants during the operations of the event.

Risk Management

The objective of the event planners and organizers is to have successful event operations. However, this will remain unrealizable goal if an event manager fails to establish a good risk management plan. According to Reid & Ritchie, 2011) a risk management plan is a critical element for any event either being corporate event or a wedding event. A comprehensive risk management plan helps an event manager in identifying all the possible risks that may arise during the event. An event manager will use this plan to develop the steps that he will take to minimize the occurrence of the identified risk.  For the successful event planning at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, an event manager will identify the hazards and asses the possible risks. Then, measures will be put in place to mitigate the potential accident that may accrue to the participants during the event.

Element Risk Possibility Severity
Security Management Loss of contributed funds Medium Very high
Fire Management Outbreak of fire Low High
Food and Beverages Management Food related sickness Low Low

The operations and event manager will minimize the loss of raised funds by ensuring security measures have been put in place.  The event manager will liaise with Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to ensure enough security personnel has been is kept ready to reduce the occurrence of this risk. Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is installed with firefighting equipment even though they are not strong enough to overcome the impacts of a huge fire. However, the possibility of risk occurring is very minimal. But an event manager will arrange for extra firefighting facilities. To ensure the safety of food and beverages offered to the participants, the event organizer will get the catering personnel to prepare the food. Besides, an event manager will have a medical staff in place to offer treatment to the attendants in case a food related illness occurs.

Event Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

The purpose of this event is to cater for the needs of the homeless people living in London. To achieve this the charitable organization is working donors in London to provide homeless people with accommodation. This will help in minimizing the suffering and the diseases affecting the homeless people due to harsh weather conditions they undergo through. The sustainability of this activity will be achievable because proving the needy with the housing will be a one activity. This will not be a continuous investment and therefore the maintenance costs may not be necessaryblankSupply Chain Management

Supply chain is a mechanism that coordinates event resources, information, activities and people in the provision of a product or service from the seller to the client. The planning and organization of the events occur in an environment that is likely to fail (Kose , et al., 2012, p. 5). Therefore, an event should ensure that all supply chain activities are properly managed to facilitate the achievement of anticipated goals. Proper supper chain management helps the event manager in identifying variations between the planned activities and execution within several processes of the supply chain rectify deviations that may hamper the attainment of the predetermined goals.  According to Otto (2013, p. 7) keeping maintain of the supply chain in the event management is very crucial. This is because it helps in responding to the unexpected situations that might affect the gains of the event and how the participation of the attendants.

For the charitable organization, an event manager will use supply chain management software to guide the operations of the event.  This help in encouraging proactive habit among all the concerned parties in the planning and organization of the vent. For example, an event manager will be able to reduce time spent manually monitoring the core activities of the event. It will provide key information pertaining the key issues that may affect the running of the event. Supply chain management software will encourage speed, collaboration, productivity and visibility and help in time management. Alternatively, this software will help in maintaining and improving health relationship will all the participants and other stakeholders.

In the management of an event there may be varied supply chains via which different resources flow (Wagen, 2015). For the management of this suppliers will have a direct link with New Way Events manager. The company will acquire all the resources needed to be used by the client in the preparation and during the day of the event.  Therefore, an event manager will act as the link between the supplier and the client. Some of the resources that an event will obtain on behalf of the client include food and refreshments, tents, lighting, caterers, voice projection tools and entertainment team.

Waste Management

According to Silvers (2014) event management is one of the fundamental activities for the successful event. Just like any other event, this charity event will have several activities and operations that may lead to accumulation wastes blocking emergency access routes. Proper event waste management comes with several advantages. First, it ensures a clean safe that is conducive for the participants. Second, appropriate waste management builds the reputation of an event company for maintaining a green environment. Third, proper waste management will ensure that all the health and safety guides are met. For example, proper disposal of the combustible wastes will be maintained. Fourth, the misuse of wastes such as unplanned disposal of bottles and wrappers will be minimized. Finally, regular and proper removal of the accumulated wastes will help attraction of insects that may be disease carriers.

During the event, the event manager and his team will put several dust bins at bay. These bins will be located strategic points that will be commonly accessed by the participants. In addition to the bins, there will be several billboards encouraging people to dispose wastes in the available wastes. Due to the number of the people attending the event, the available bins are likely to get filled very first. Therefore, there will be a waste management team in waiting to ensure that the accumulation of the wastes that might attract the insects or may start stinking is quickly removed. This will a guarantee a health and green environment is maintained for the satisfaction of the participants.

License and Legal Issues

Licensing and compliance of the legal issues makes the event legit. This helps in reducing the conflicts that may posed by government hence affecting the success of the event.  Therefore, an event manager will have to apply for the license as per the requirements of House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The manager will download the application form online and fill and send it to Kensington & Chelsea Council. Therefore, the application is a bit old fashioned. Apart from the licensing requirements, the manager will also ensure the observance of the standards and guidelines provided by Kensington & Chelsea Council. For example, it is mandatory for the event manager to have well detailed plan facilities that will enable the safety measures of the participants or else the Kensington & Chelsea Council will denied the approval to use the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea facility for the charitable event.

Event Operations Plan Analysis

Planning of an event gives the event manager an opportunity to learn and gain experience that he may apply in the management of the future events (Cassell, et al., 2009, p. 516). The event manager of New Way Events learnt the following aspects that he can include in the event planning process. First, it is important to define a pre-event strategy. Everyone stakeholder of the event is crucial and therefore both the event planners should determine the event strategy. This is the step that majority of the vent planners and organizers skip but is important in setting a strong foundation for the event planning. Second, before defining the event goals it is crucial to know the participants interests first. This will help the event planner in setting the objectives of the event in line with the goals of the attendants. Finally, an event manager should create a procedure of promptly obtaining feedback from the stakeholders during or after the event.

Operations Management Theory

The six sigma theory has been well utilized in the designing operations for the charitable organization. The event management has applied this theory to control and rectify the deviations arising in the event planning process (Leong & Teh , 2012, p. 12). The manager has effectively applied the critical aspects of the six sigma theory that includes defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling the event operations planning process ( Pepper & Spedding, 2009, p. 138). The manager defined the problem and the objectives of the event. This step was followed by measuring the current operations to determine their ability to meet the goals of the event. The analysis of the current operations have been done to ascertain any variations that can hamper the realization of the vent target goals. After the analysis, the event manager has found that there are several considerations that should be included in the planning process to improve the experience of the client and help in minimizing the utilization of resources. Finally, the event manager applied control mechanisms to ensure that the planning process of the event is aligned with the specific goals of the event.

Interaction with one Event Planning and Operations Manager

In the process of planning and organizing for the event, an event manager came across another professional who was managing multinational events. This was an important interaction because at the end of the day the event manager had learnt several aspects in relation to the management of global events. For example, an event manager managed to learn that in the management of the international events it is vital to understand the local culture.


Management of the events can be challenging from the operational perspective. However, with synchronization of all event events the goals of the event will be achieved with ease. Therefore, an event manager must plan and organize for the events by paying attention to each detail. This action avoids in making mistakes that can have severe consequences on the event operations. Again, an event manager should other important aspects such as building the preparations on the theme of the event. Secondly, have a detailed plan on how the operations on the day of the event will look like. The consideration of the above aspects will be the basics of the successful event planning and organizing process.

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