Event Management New Zealand Hotel

Event Management New Zealand Hotel

Scenario :  you have been offered the role of an intern in a hotel belonging to one of largest hotel operation in NZ

Your internship manager has assigned you the task of writing an analytical report to propose three different types of events targeting the Loyalty Programme members of the hotel.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity as well as event management skills. The Loyalty Programme members are very discerning customers and want the best value, as well as networking opportunities.Instruction from the hotel manager :

– complete the market segmentation table, based on your research and assumptions, and transfer the relevant information the the marketing segmentation column of the Membership Status table.

– your assumptions of the market segmentation should consider all the required elements listed in Figure 1 (required elements for Market Segmentation).

– the market segmentation should contain information about each type of membership status based on their demographics, psychgraphics, geographic and behavioural

-Use the information will help you to choose the 3 most relevant events to include in the analytical Report

  1. Introduction ( 400words )

a). Identify, describe and justify the 3 events your are proposing, to target the loyalty programme members of the hotel.

This is your sales pitch and you want the manager to keep reading. Make it compelling.

  1. Potential for growth

a). How will the proposed events impact on hotel’s economic and competitive edge in the market? (130words)

b). How will the proposed events impact on the members of the loyalty programme? (130words)

  1. Event brief (one for each of the 3 event)

The brief for each Event must include

a). The overall objectives for each event (200words)

b). The required budget and how the budget will be spent (200words)

c). The teal members and /or human resource requirements (200words)

d). Event briefs containing the set data, stages and steps required (200words)

  1. Analysis

a). Identify and analyse the cultural and environmental impact of the proposed events (250 words)

b). Include local iwi and other members of the local community who might be affected by the events (200words)

  1. Evaluate (450words)

a). How will the proposed events enable the hotel to meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders*, including the participants?

*Stakeholders could in include, and be different for reach proposed even: local/domestic/ international travellers (non-membership holders), travel agencies, educational institutions, free independent travellers, training centres, companies and institutions, governments institutions / offices /departments.

  1. conclusion (200words)

a). Summarise the main three points of your proposal.

b). Include a brief re-iteration of your sales pitch focusing on the benefits to the members and therefore, the hotel.

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