Ethical Issues versus Christian Principles

Ethical Issues versus Christian Principles

Christian beliefs and values are ways of life based on teachings and inspirations from the Christians’ traditions and scriptures. Christian ethics makes use of such scriptures to develop critical ethical norms as well as theories and consequently applying them to solve ethical issues. Christian principles are unique because religious revelations shape them. Ethical issues, on the other hand, refer to a conflict between what is right to do and what is not ethical (Klugman, 2018). One of the most core aspects of bioethics is autonomy which restricts medical practitioners from allowing their patients from making decisions regarding their sickness (Dana & MMedEd, 2007). THIS IS A SAMPLE ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Many of such ethical actions have moral implications. Human behaviors do not elicit moral issues. Some of this ethics generate the opinion of whether such human behavior is of positive value or negative value. It is good for one to judge themselves on whether their actions are of any advantage or not. This paper tries to scrutinize if the decision that Mike took concerning James’ sickness was of any advantage to his life or not. It as well tries to state some of the ethical issues alongside the Christian principles that guided Mike and Joanna in making their decisions.

In most cases, patients tend to forego medical recommendations in pursuance of divine help. Mike decided to forego James’ dialysis believing that spiritual help was better. He was in line with the Christian principle that Jesus Christ is the only savior of souls in the universe. Christianity teaches that he (Jesus) Christ is the only savior for humanity¬†(Arny, 2017). Mike decided to seek spiritual help concerning James’s sickness. Their attending physician never objected to Mike’s decision. The attending physician should not have allowed Mike to continue with his decisions. This is because, saving life is more important than one‚Äôs faith in the deities. The physician should have continued with the dialysis first.

Once someone is faced with a difficult situation, it is his or her duty to look for what to do to solve the situation. He or she is also supposed to ascertain why they choose that particular decision and why. In the case study, it was the duty of Mike as the head of the family to look for a balance between autonomy and spirituality regarding James’ sickness¬†(Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative, 2016). As the medical engineers argue, there is a great need for one to seek medical assistance whenever they fall sick. Medicines help our bodies to fight diseases. In this case study, Mike and Joann were faced with difficult decisions of deciding whether to seek spiritual help or medical help. Secondly, they were also confused on whether to allow their other son donate his kidney to his brother.

Miracles do happen to signify God’s mightiness. However, it is rare for them to happen. According to Christian teachings the healing of Jesus Christ were exclusively given as legitimacy of his Messiahship claim since the Old Testament times. Thus a proper ethical decision is required on matters spirituality and medical help (Rae & Scott, 2009). In addition, some of the writers in the bible also acknowledged physicians, for example, Luke. Jesus as well once quoted from a proverb “Physician, heal yourself‚ÄĚ this shows that physicians of that time also healed people. Therefore, Mike as a true Christian could have given the medicinal help first priority. This is because; medicines were introduced to help humanity encounter diseases (Wrenn, 2018). From this teaching, it was clear that people should seek medical help in addition to the spiritual help.

In conclusion, God calls people from different disciplines to help others. It would be difficult for God himself to be seen elevating people from their current problems. Instead, he bestows knowledge to others so that they can helps over the problems they are facing. For example, calls and blesses individuals like doctors so that they can heal the sick. Therefore it is advisable for everyone who is sick to seek medical help. In the same light, Mike should understand that, doctor is a God-send healer and therefore he has the Gods power to heal the sick. Through the doctor, patients have been healed and it is also evidenced that in most cases patients who lack healthcare professional due to healthcare inaccessibility or financial constraints have ended up dying. ¬†Medical intervention helps in strengthening the human’s white blood cells which do help in fighting diseases. Mike should adhere to this advice. THIS IS A SAMPLE ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


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