ENV SCI101 Final Exam

ENV SCI101 Final Exam

The following work will test your ability to recall basic concepts and definitions as well as integrate the body of knowledge that you have accumulated during the second part of the semester. Part B of the work has two (2) sections.  SECTION A has 6 short answers.  It will be worth 5 points each. These will be 4-5 sentence answers (about 50 words) or diagrams where required. SECTION B has 2 long essay questions. These will be about a page long detailed answers (100 -150 words). It will be worth 10 points each.

You have between (May 16th– May 20th11:59 pm) to complete the work. Please feel free to ask questions if you do not understand any aspect of the exam. You can submit your answers as a word document or a pdf in the allotted folder by the due date. If you are using online images or content, mention their sources.

Section A: Short Answers (60 points):

Answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Be sure to provide specific details and sources when answering questions and using diagrams.

1) Should people who choose unhealthy lifestyles be covered by national health insurance?

2) What is the difference between waste reduction and waste management?

3) What happens to the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere as the atmosphere warms? Does this have an impact on climate changes?

4) Discuss arguments for and against setting high discount rates

5) Explain the function of a SLAPP. Do you think this is an appropriate way to influence persons to not sue a company?

6) Discuss eight ways that a person can reduce their ecological footprint.Section B: Long Essay Questions (20 points):

Be sure to be specific and provide details for each of your essays to get full points.

1) Discuss and provide two examples of how subsidies can be economically harmful.

2) How could climate change affect spring feeding interactions between species?

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