ENG305 Safety Risk & Reliability

ENG305 Safety Risk & Reliability

Assignment  1  CDIOD Exercise :  “(Packaged) Iced Coffee”

Your assignment here is an analysis of “Iced Coffee”  as a product.

You are required to research a brief history of this product and then give an informed critique. You may speculate on how the designs could have been better, different ( according to purpose ). You should also consider any necessary support infrastructure to make this product more acceptable/viable.

Your analysis will examine fitness for purpose, how well does it achieve this, convenience, health issues, how and why did this product come to exist; could you have done it better; more efficiently ; what are the downsides of this product; what are its limitations etc.???

You may then work up a specification for a packaged coffee flavoured beverage, to suit your own ideas and then match these specifications against existing commercially available brands. Within this specification you must include a consideration of assets & costs of setup, maintenance issues ( such as production quantities, health & hygiene issues, other food manufacturing standards, distribution and traceability requirements etc.) You should also be aware of costs involved both during creation, promotion and use as well as at end of life recycling.

You also be aware of any other requirement such as legalities, marketing, revenue generation, return on investment, competitive pressures etc. so that you can then decide on a particular point in its life cycle where you might remove it from use. You must also consider convenience, market share and other market attributes that make this product appealing and fir for use.Please remember this is an assignment in design analysis, not an essay on product history!

This report should be approximately 3000 words. This assignment is worth 25% of your total assessment for this unit. Please submit via learnline before the deadline.

Marking is as follows

1. Research and history 30%

2. Analysis and critique 50%

3. Conclusions and recommendations 20%

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