Employee Orientation Case Study

Employee Orientation Case Study

Human resource management is the most impactful function of an organization. However, if concentrated at human resource department alone, its function will be less impactful. This is because each department comprises of employees who are endowed with a different set of skills and knowledge. Therefore, this calls for human resource department to seek integration with other departments in the recruitment of new employees as well as retention of the highly talented employees. It is out of this argument whereby this paper will use a case study of South East School to illustrate how human resource management is an interactive function. The paper commences by providing an agenda meant for the new employees’ selection. Finally, the paper describes how each meeting attended by anew employee and how it will benefit them.

South East School: New Employees Selection Day Agenda

Time Event Location participants
9:00 a.m. Candidates will be welcomed to the school. Principal’s office School Administrator, Human Resource Manager, Information Technology Departmental Head, and Finance officer.
9:25 – 9.55a.m. Touring the school School compound Students and a senior teacher
9:55 – 11:25 a.m. Tutorial observations
11:25 – 11:45pa.m. Tea break and also an opportunity to familiarize with fellow candidates School Staffroom School staff present
11:45 – 12:45 p.m. Brief interview with the school administrator Principal’s office School administrator
12:45 -12: 50 p.m. Interview with Human Resource Manager Human resource manager office Human resource manager
12:50 – 12:55 p.m. Interview with Information Technology Departmental Head Information Technology office Information Technology Departmental head
12:55 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Interview with Finance Department head Finance office Finance Department head
1:00 – 1:30 p.m. Lunch School cafeteria School staff present
1:30 – 2:55 p.m. School executive panel interviews Office 202 Human Resource Manager, Teach from the candidate’s subject department and Deputy Principal
2:00 – 4:35 p.m. Student conducted interview Classroom 103 Eight students
4:35 – 4:55 p.m. Questions and answers session School administrator office Human Resource Manager and Principal

 Additional Information:

Apart from the selection day agenda, a brief description has been send to each candidate in reference of a 20-minute tutorial session: Please confirm recipient and check whether the following details have been provided:

  • Students’ average age
  • Number of students a teacher will attend.
  • Previous session’s topics that have been taught.
  • The topic to be taught that day as well as learning objectives.
  • Teaching resources available.
  • Name and seniority of the teacher you will oversee the session.
  • Information of students who may require special attention.

Kindly confirm via email if the above details are present and kindly feel welcomed to email any other question before the day of selection.

Meetings Description and Importance

From the previous analysis of South East School interview process, it has come out clear that much was needed to improve the school recruitment process. It is out of eager to realize better employee engagement whereby the school has come up with new and more enhanced recruitment and selection procedure. Therefore, all the meetings and other processes that candidates are to undergo are meant to provide certain crucial information that will enable an employee to cope up with South East School system once he or she engaged. In the following discussion, this paper will provide the description and importance of each meeting as illustrated in the South East School new employees’ selection day agenda.

Meeting with the School Administrator

This is an introductory meeting whereby the candidates will be welcomed by the principal. This meeting provides an opportunity for the candidate to be equipped with a brief overview of the organization. Alternatively, it is a chance for the organization administrator to obtain candidates background information. The exchange of information between both the administrator and the job applicant prepares the candidate psychologically and help him or her to relieve tension before the interview session. Lee & Yang (2015) noted that organization administrators oversee the daily operations of the organization. Therefore, it is very important for the organization leadership to determine whether the new employees will suit the daily system of the organization.

Meeting with Human Resource Manager

Based on the provided agenda on part one of the paper, candidates are going to have different meetings with the human resource manager. Marie Ryan & Derous (2016) argues that the critical function of the human resource manager during employee recruitment process is to ensure that all employees receive crucial information throughout the orientation procedure. Similarly, human resource manager has to play this role during the selection process. This will make it easy for the selected candidates to understand the operations of the organization. This meeting equips human resource manager with the skills and knowledge of the candidate to gauge whether his or her qualities will be effective in meeting the organizational set goals. For South East School meeting with human resource will facilitate an opportunity to conclude whether a candidate has the appropriate expertise to execute the job at hand. On the other side, a candidate will be able to understand what is expected of him or her.

Meeting with Information Technology Head

Technology is rapidly bypassing traditional ways of doing things. Ranging from a small organization to multinational corporations the aspect of technology is being felt in every corner of the globe. Therefore, a meeting with Information Technology departmental head will be very crucial in determining whether a candidate has a portfolio of the necessary information technology skills needed to work at South East School. Questions asked will determine whether the candidate suits to work as an employee of South East putting into considerations the organization’s structures at the place. On the hand, a new employee will be able to understand and appreciate the importance of technology in the organization.

Meeting with the Finance Department Head

Finance department plays a very critical role in the finance management of the organization. A candidate can utilize this opportunity to ask about payment dates and the average salary payable to the South East school employees. This well helps a new employee in negotiating for compensation terms with the human resource manager (Albrecht , Bakker , Gruman , Macey , & Saks , 2015).

Subject Department Representative

The organization comprises of the departments which are interrelated and work in unison to ensure organizational goals are achieved (Albrecht, Bakker, Gruman, Macey, & Saks, 2015). Similarly, each department has its objectives even though they aligned together with major goals of the organization.  Therefore, a meeting with subject department representative will be every important in providing a new employee with the departmental objectives.

Recruitment and selection case analysis of South East School makes it clear that human resource management interactive function. A human resource manager has to work with different departments within the organization. If human resource department is left alone in recruitment and selection function, it will not acquire a candidate who can meet job requirements appropriately. For example, it is very difficult for South East School human resource department to effectively acquire a qualified personnel without the help of other departments. This why other departments such finance, information technology and school disciplines Departments are being considered in the new employee orientation process.

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