Effects of Political Media Proposal

Effects of Political Media Proposal

Proposal should be about one and a half to two pages, single-spaced Times 12 point. 

Proposing a media effects study:

You’ve been chosen as a candidate for a “Genius Grant” on the effects of political media. Addressing the grant selection committee, explain your proposal an idea for a media effects research project examining current political media. Include:1. The type of media you want to study (for instance, cable TV political news coverage, social media, 2020 political advertising, campaign speeches, political comedy, something else?). Be as specific as possible. Identify the content, media outlets and individual producers of the messages you’d like to examine.

2. What theory or theories do you want to incorporate into your analysis, and why?(For instance, framing, priming, agenda setting, or a theory of selective exposure as identified by Iyengar.) Be sure to clearly explain the theory. Include a research question or hypothesis incorporating the theory. What sort of effects do you want to examine and on what audience?

III. Explain your method. Survey? Experiment? Content analysis? Who or what would you study? How would you conduct the research? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your method?

1. Summarize the importance of your proposed study. What new and relevant information might this provide about the influences of political media?

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