Effective Health Care Planning

Effective Health Care Planning

Answer all questions.

1. The fast pace by which technology is evolving creates a competitive challenge to health care services providers, furthermore, the complexity of healthcare processes and the autonomy of healthcare independent practitioners blended with the stringent need to provided a patient centered care shapes the need to develop a careful, comprehensive and flexible healthcare planning mechanism to ensure a satisfactory healthcare system.

a). Identify these determinants as well as other factors that may play an influential role in shaping an effective health care planning. Discuss as well the influences of these determinants on the outcomes of healthcare care planning process.Borrowing from the case scenario above, the determinants influencing effective healthcare planning are pervasive technology, complicated healthcare processes, and a need to provide patient-centered care that calls for the autonomy of independent healthcare practitioners. Other factors affecting effective healthcare planning as presented by Mosadeghrad (2014, p. 78) are personal factors of the patient, specific factors attributable to the healthcare organization, healthcare system, and the healthcare organization environment. All the determinants identified above affects the healthcare planning process in a number of ways, and as a result, it is crucial for the healthcare organizations to understand their influence and outcomes on effective healthcare planning. The discussions that follow outlines how each of the elements affects the health care plan’s results.

b). Propose strategies to address two challenges  that you had identified in the course of your  synthesis

2. Health Pro is a regional professional enterprise that owns a chain of hospitals. As being a central corporation supervising the overall operations, the company had formulated a health care plan in response to a recent decline in its profits and operational efficiency. The plan focused on addressing the rising number of complaints and sentinel events resulting in a series of malpractice lawsuits. As a result of the scope of the formulated plan, the corporate initially began to achieve improvements in patient safety while the financial performance remained unchanged despite tremendous efforts to solve these issues. However the pattern of rising events of serious patient safety issues returned to emerge in the course of the year.

a). Discuss the main focus of this plan (problem based or goal oriented) and critique its efficiency.

3. Referring to a recently published article (Koornneef, Robben & Blair, 2017)  Between 2011 and 2015 healthcare spending in the UAE grew by 10% to US$ 11 billion, as a result of this fact, this stressing strategy mandates the government’s commitment to patient safety.  While the published review serves as the basis of the scope of this query, other literature sources are recommended to be sought to answer the following questions:

a). Describe in detail the health care system and population health in UAE

b). Discuss the Abu Dhabi health reform system in terms of its planning efficiency and scope of focus. Is this reform program problem based or population oriented?

c). Describe and evaluate the strategies that have been implemented as part of the health system reform program in UAE?

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